November 11, 2013


We are so fortunate to have moved back home to Texas! We could not have selected a better spot to call home, especially since we are so much closer to the children. Well, all but one of them anyway. We are still working on getting the Divine Miss M back to Texas! Our town has one of the oldest authentic and thriving historic downtowns in Texas. Don't you just love cities that care about their history and preserving the past?
We spent our Saturday, strolling the historic district of our little town and began the holiday shopping experience. The afternoon offered a gorgeous autumn day and people were out dining, dog walking and checking names off their Christmas list. I decided to capture a few wonderful moments of our shopping tour and give you a glimpse of what the holidays are like in Texas!
This quickly became one of my favorites! The first thing you noticed as you passed by was the wonderful aroma of a woodland scent from the Texas made candles burning!

There was so much to look at in this designer specialty store.
I only wish I had an eye for designing such spectacular displays!

I asked the store attendant if she was the designer and owner? She replied she was a limited business partner of the owner and top designer. They close the store for a weekend in order to devote two full days for decorating for Christmas!

I should have aimed the camera a tad higher in order to capture the handmade crystal light orbs....
they range from $1,000 to $3500.00. GORGEOUS!
You can see just a bit of the bottoms of each one in the upper pat of this photo.
I fell in love with the stag head and the vintage photos.

The designer found and purchased three crucifixes...each one with a different story....
ranging from $150.00 to $350.00.

We agreed we must all go back and try Rick's Bistro for an evening out....so beautiful at night with all the little twinkling lights. This was a bit early for their lunch crowd!

Another specialty boutique. These coats caught my eye....how stylish!!

Well, yes, I disobeyed the rules here! Just as I snapped a picture of this lovely and festive Christmas display, my son read the sign to me...."Mom!! Please refrain from taking pictures!" BAH-HUMBUG!

How adorable was this little Christmas scene in this old vintage television? I have to make another trip to this antique store...too much to look at and I am on the hunt for vintage china, don't you know!

OK! Stop here! My kind of store! Primitives! Love them. I bought two gifts in this store....they had a tiny little "flu-flu" dog, named Maggie Mae asleep in her little bed at the cash register!
Can you say adorable!!!!

This store was just stunning! The chandeliers were breathtaking!
A top of the line designer store owned by one guy......oh my goodness.....a sight to behold!

So, that's a little insight as to a Texas holiday. We have plans to return for holiday shopping the day after Thanksgiving! We are going to experience a trolley ride all through the historic district and shop till we drop! I hope you enjoyed the window shopping!

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