October 26, 2013


Tonight, I have a date with Saul Goodman,
but I'll be dancing with the Mad Hatter!
Sounds like par-tee to me!
Need a little DIY project for the weekend? Perhaps this would be fun thing to make with your children or grandchildren? The possibilities are endless! I selected vintage Halloween images, printed them in black and white, then pasted them to scrapbooking paper, and laced a Halloween inspired ribbon through the tops of the paper...voila....ready to hang! I also took a few faux autumn leaves for a bit of color and glued them in the corners of each photo!

You could make this with cute little photos for the younger ones..anything that inspires you!  If you do make one of your own, please send me pictures!

“Witch and ghost make merry on this last of
dear October's days.” 
~Author Unknown



  1. What a great banner and such a wonderful idea to use photographs. Must remember this when we're finally in our own home and I can put something over the mantel and not worry about chipping paint:-D Happy Halloween, XOXO

    1. Thank you Susan! It would be so fun to make a sweet vintage one with the little ones! Hope you find this inspirational. So appreciate your comments! Hugs to you!


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