August 6, 2013


I have grown tired of Summer. My petunia's have wilted, my lantana is droopy and the geraniums are struggling to bloom under these triple digits temperatures. So I am moving forward into thoughts of Fall decorating!
My mission is to create a feeling of welcome, comfort and beauty. I long for the colorful blaze of the autumn landscape, which were so vivid in Maine. Texas......not so much!
As I begin planning for ways to bring Fall into our home, I always turn to Pottery Barn for casual, yet beautiful inspiration! They have an abundance of ideas! Don't you just love transforming your home to reflect the seasons?  

I love this! Having leather sofas, which we do, provides the perfect type of furniture that can be graced with pillows of autumn colors. Touches of pumpkin oranges, olive greens and perhaps a deep gold, accented with a warm cable knit blanket! There is nothing more graceful looking than twirly twig branches and autumn berries placed in a rustic vase!

I always look for different ways to display little bite-sized foods.
These serving boards are a must-have!

I never would have thought to create a name tag
 for a wine decanter.....
perfect for Thanksgiving!

An idea for getting together during football games
and providing a Saturday afternoon barbecue ....
so visually appealing!

Woven fabrics and wooden accessories are a perfect means to
entertain during cooler months!
This is what I call easy entertaining with a Tuscan flair!

I quickly fell in love with this bell shaped cheese serving piece.
I cannot wait to WOW our family at Thanksgiving with this!
Simply looks delectable!

Miss M and I normally make a shopping trip to
Pottery Barn when we visit Atlanta.
For the past few years, we have purchased our
Autumn table linens from here. Simply beautiful!
Yes, a tad on the expensive side, but price appropriate when you will use these for years to come....great quality of fabrics!

Be still my heart.......Now this is Fall perfect! 
The warmth and charm these represent will make you curl up by the fireside with a cup of spiced tea!

The possibilities are endless!!



  1. Beautiful settings. I live just outside of Houston and the temps are at 101. I love creating a "State of Mind" that cools you down. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful post. The Fall colours are my favorite. I love your new header, especially the cat in the chair. So adorable.

  3. Where can i find the serving boads at? I love them

  4. Please tell me where i can find the serving boards. I just love them

    1. Hi Mary Ann! All of these items are from Pottery Barn. The link is listed at the end of this posting!


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