August 1, 2013


Ok.....So we are having one of those early morning conversations……


Sister: “What do you think would happen if you suddenly died? What would your husband do?”

Me: "Oh that’s easy….he has already said he would sell everything, I mean everything, and move to Florida to become a beach bum! He wants to live on a boat and fish all day….."

Sister: "Really? No, I don’t see that happening. I mean he loves having all of his children around and being at the beach alone can be very isolating….especially in winter. I cannot imagine that he has really thought this through…"

Me: "Well, you’re right. He thinks of the beach as good times with family vacations and having big fish fries with lots of cocktails under the summer moon…..it would definitely not be the same…..especially without the matriarch of the family (ME). I doubt that he would move away from the boys."

"What I can see happening is all of the children coming home, dividing up our belongings and he would move into a smaller place. He would probably be snatched up by some young floozie within a year…men do that you know…."

 Sister: "Oh I totally agree….that’s the reality of the situation…."

Sister and Me: "But today we are good….today we are golden….."

Me: "Let’s talk about decorating for the holidays…….what’s your theme this year for Christmas? "


You and I are
Always remember that if you should fall

I will pick you up


After I finish laughing


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