August 29, 2013


Summer lingers on........

 Me: "When are you hanging your new Autumn wreath on your door?"

Miss M: "Well, I will probably wait until the first day of September, even though I am so ready to do it now!"

Me: "Oh me too! I am salivating over all the new fall decor......but, we still have triple digits here! I have been swimming everyday to enjoy the pool, before cooler temperatures set in. However, I forget I am no longer in Maine....we won't get those cooler temps until .......November.........gotta love Texas!"

So why not cool off in a delicious way with this Berry Jello Pie!

1 deep dish pie shell, baked
1 cup raspberry juice
1 package (3- ounces) jello wild raspberry gelatin
10 ounces raspberries
10 ounces blackberries
2 cups whipped cream, garnish
1/8 cup coconut, toasted, garnish
8 fresh raspberries, garnish
8 fresh blackberries, garnish
1 fresh mint sprig, garnish

Heat the raspberry juice to boiling and pour over gelatin, stirring until all dissolved.
Next add in the frozen raspberries and blackberries.

Place the gelatin and fruit in the refrigerator until partially set, then pour the mixture into the baked pie crust and refrigerate until fully set.
When ready to serve, garnish with whipped cream, toasted coconut, raspberries, blackberries and mint.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that cat made my morning. Ha!


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