July 25, 2013


A southern girl is a girl who knows full and well that she can open
a door for herself but prefers for the
      gentleman to do it because it demonstrates a sense of respect.
After all, every girl wants to be treated
      like a princess.
 Mr. Wonderful holds the door open for me wherever we go and
offers his arm when we are taking a walk. 
He's just that kind of guy.  
He has old-fashioned southern manners

There was one saying Miss Helen always repeated to me growing up....."Pretty is as pretty does" she would say. I used to cringe when I heard this since I was normally in the middle of throwing a big ole hissy fit!

I think defining your "pretty space" is definitely important. Not only can it define our outer beauty, but it can also provide a space to reflect on your inner beauty. My mother always had a dressing table, as did both of my grandmothers. I grew up watching them prepare for their day by slathering on creams, powders and lipsticks and practicing their dazzling smiles in their hand mirrors! It was just what a lady did!

I love old things, especially Mr. Wonderful, and furnish my home with love and vintage finds from gentler times, most of it belonging to my mother and grandmothers.

I have a dear friend who would always say, "I will never wear SAS shoes!" "I don't care if I am 90 years old with a walker, I plan on wearing cute and sexy heels." We would get a tremendous laugh about this and agreed that comfort would not replace style. We refused to be a part of that big ole' sea of white tennis shoes we sometimes see in resort areas!
 Oy vey!

I am thankful that I was blessed with a daughter who continues to offer me beauty advice. On her recent visit to Texas, we discussed new make-up tips. I told her I thought I needed to change and update my make-up since I was turning yet another year older in this new decade of the 60's! Oy vey, again! With her advice, I have new beauty products that I adore! I refuse to go gently into the senior generation. I want to sparkle and shine for years to come, both inside and out, just like my precious and Divine Miss M!

Our attempt at defining our last day together!
She is the definition for all things graceful, beautiful and kind!



  1. Thank you for bringing back a lot of memories. I loved those skirted dressing tables and may just have to make one again. This blog was Southern grace personified. This Houston girl is a big fan of storing memories. Feel free to bring yours back out and share any time.

    1. Thank you Vickie! I am so very glad you enjoyed reading this post and taking your time to comment. So happy to have you visit!

  2. Oh yes the dressing tables. You mostly see them in movies now. These images are so lovely! Staying youthful is all about our attitude isn't it? !


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