February 18, 2013


Just Breathe........imagine a place where you feel peaceful and restful. A place where you open your heart and listen.....you begin to feel your heartbeat down to your fingertips...soon it will be Springtime.

Fireplaces steal our hearts and fancy, and they are usually the first thing we lay eyes on when we walk into a room. Yet even though the fireplace is an undisputed focal point, when so many of us decorate this all-important spot, we only dress up the mantel, leaving the hearth tragically bare, a yawning, empty cave that grabs visitors’ attention but leaves them cold. This season, when your fireplace is not home to a merrily roaring blaze, use it as a display case to showcase some fabulous Spring decor. Need some ideas to light your fire? Here are a few tips for turning this black hole into a show-stealer.

 Fill a collection of various sized apothecary jars with water and place single stems of lacy ferns in each container. Line them up on your hearth.
Can you imagine the beauty of the glass when the
afternoon sun illuminates the color the glass?
How about a new print? Now this Cherry Blossom print speaks to me.
The colors of sage, celery and tulip rose are perfect soft shades to bringthe garden indoors. I love the collection of
birds, bunnies and containers assembled together!
Start your bouquet with bare branches from your yard.
Then add in faux foliage in Spring colors that harmonize with your d├ęcor.
For a fun, natural look loop in tendrils of
honeysuckle vine throughout the bouquet.
A few dogwood branches placed in a glass container with
 river rock is simplistic and airy.
Just look at the pop of green balancing the end of the arrangement.
This look gave me a lovely idea of lining up the
flower pots on the mantle with yellow daffodils blooming.
Again the placement of a few bird figurines
 just complete the accents of springtime.
A dogwood print grouped with creamy white containers and
 pussy willow branches is lighthearted and just welcomes
 new blooms and wildlife into the world.
I believe this shade of turquoise is quickly becoming my new favorite color!
 We often may overlook the cavernous inset of our fireplaces. This rustic looking basket seems to add the perfect touch to this all white and cream vignette. If we look around our homes, I'll bet we can come up with some lovely decorating items...pitchers, bowls, glassware, baskets and vases.
Each season has it's own charm, its own  magic and its own reason to celebrate with family and friends.
Each design you create is special and is your own expression of love and hospitality!

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