February 4, 2013

All You Need Is Love.....or Maybe Coffee

Good Morning My Love......Coffee's Ready.......

Isn’t it wonderful to stay at an upscale hotel or quaint bed and breakfast where they serve your morning coffee from a silver carafe? You can do the same thing at home!

 Instead of heading to the coffee pot and filling up that stained and chipped coffee mug you’ve used for years, make your morning caffeine ritual special. Pour the pot of coffee into a stylish urn. Purge your cupboard of every ugly mug you own, and instead sip from a darling china cup. Instead of pulling packs of sugar or sweetener straight from the box or pouring your creamer from the carton in the fridge, dig out that wonderful cream and sugar set you have buried back in your cupboard and put them to use every day.

 Estelle's Irish Cream Coffee

Start with a beautiful mug or your most exquisite coffee cup. Pour some Bailey’s Irish Cream in. At this time you can add the sugar for a sweetened taste. Slowly add  freshly brewed coffee while continuously mixing the liquid. All of the sugar should be dissolved. With the back of a warm spoon, add the whip cream to the Irish coffee mixture. Be sure to not break the coffee’s surface with the whip cream. A beautiful way to begin your morning, don't you agree?

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  1. I agree that good china makes all the difference. Love the photos.


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