November 10, 2012

Jammin' Grilled Cheese

Every once in a while, a strange concoction comes together
that turns into something Jammin'!

This is perfect for a leisurely weekend at home.

I savor those weekends in the Autumn when there is a gentle rain falling outside of the window. Home seems like such a safe place to be....a warm fire, a comfy chair and a good biography. Life is so very different when you become an empty nester. This is probably why we converse with Mae Mobley as if she understands everything we confide in her. Darling is an avid reader and normally has his nose stuck in his new Kindall, while I am either watching old movies, reading, or decorating. If you find yourself wanting to try something a little different for a late Sunday night supper or afternoon lunch, then this may just tickle your tastebuds!

Rye Bread
Provolone Cheese
Dijon Mustard
Strawberry Jam

Take two slices of seeded rye bread. Layer a thin spread of butter on one side of each slice. Place buttered side down in a skillet. Slather on a layer of dijon mustard, then a layer of strawberry jam, topped with about 2-3 slices of Provolone cheese. Grill to perfection....oh my......ooey, cheesy, spicy, and jammy in every bite!


  1. What a beautiful bedroom. If that Mae Mobley doesn't spend her days stretched out on that bed then she is not doing her status justice. Must try the sandwich as it has all my favorite ingredients. Deb

  2. It IS beautiful isn't it Deb! I cannot lay claim to this bedroom however. This was at Bed and Breakfast in Camden, ME, that I just fell in love with! What struck me so about it, other than how comfy it looked, was that my Mother-in-Law had a bed very similar to this one. That quilt does beg for a kitty or two to curl up for a long winter's nap doesn't it? Hope you try the grilled cheese...I think I am addicted to it now!!

  3. Your home is so lovely and inviting, I better come visit! I cook and clean...any hope?

    1. Thank you JMD...the bedroom is a Bed and Breakfast in Camden, ME. and I said the same thing...I cook and clean...please let me stay!!!


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