July 31, 2012

Mae's Day

Oh Baby...It's Hot Outside!

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

It also makes me lazy

It's late afternoon and that means.....the bunnies may be around

Do you see what I see?

The tail begins to twitch

Such a little cutie

Mae's View

Enough of that

So much better on top of the table....a better view and I can stretch out....
so hard being on patrol


  1. This was delightful. What a gorgeous girl. I love the Calico and seeing her makes me think of one of mine from long ago. She was a real character. Your blog is so nice to visit. Deb

  2. Thank you Deb! Mae is so precious to us and we love her to pieces..she is the queen of our home, for certain! Aren't they all? Love to have you visit!

  3. Miss Mae is living large in Texas now! So much better than watching those ol' deer! I had a MOUSE in the house this week... I needed a cat!

  4. Oh lord Joy...I would have run screaming if I saw a mouse. Mae probably would have too!! The crows in Maine were bigger than she was and they scared her to death! I will always treasure watching the deer in the backwoods....miss that so! I know you must have beautiful wildlife over at Granny Mtn. Many blessings from Texas!


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