May 23, 2012

Summer in York

Word has quickly spread among our new neighbors that we are the couple who lived in Maine! People often ask us, "What was it like to live in Maine?" Our first response is always, "It's the BEST place we have ever lived!" I would often have to pinch myself when we took day trips on the weekends to remind myself we actually LIVED here.....we were not just visiting for a summer vacation.

Nubble Light House in York, Maine

This was a summer day when we motored over to York and spent the day just walking around and taking in the sights. I often marveled at the homes and the gardens of the residents. The beauty of the ocean views were breathtaking. Normally, there were park benches all around, where you could often just sit for spell and gaze out at the sailboats moored along the bay and become lost in your thoughts.

The above home was a private residence which faced the ocean. Maine gardens thrived in summer which was amazing to me compared to summers in Texas. You could begin planting after Memorial Day, and within a few weeks, you were enjoying beautiful and colorful blooms which would last until fall. However, it was difficult to become adjusted to such a short growing season. Can't you just imagine yourself sitting on this porch with a cold glass of tea?

I believe it is a common thread that binds us together....loving the sound of the waters movement and the calming effect it has on our minds. This is why we take time to just pick out a spot and have "quiet time" looking out over the ocean. I can look at this picture and actually FEEL the cool air coming in from the bay and SMELL the freshness of this particular summer's day.

This little gem is a cottage beach home that you can rent for a week or the entire summer. The hanging baskets throughout all of the small New England towns were always this bountiful and opulent.

Now this gorgeous cape home took my breath away. Especially when I saw that they were flying the Ohio State flag. My Daddy graduated from Medical School at Ohio State so we are huge Buckeye fans! He would have loved this! Just look at how beautiful those planted whiskey barrels look in front of the porch!

I envy this homeowner. I would probably not accomplish many household chores during the summer, as I would spend hours sitting in one of their Adirondacks!

These homeowners had built a huge firepit in the yard and surrounded this area with their celedon green Adirondacks. These type of garden chairs came in many colors and were absolutely beautiful in the gardens. Darling and I chose light lemon yellow and seaside blue for ours. Isn't this the most perfect little gathering area for those twilight summer evenings as you sit and discuss your day with a glass of Chardonnay?

Yes, it was THE BEST place we ever lived!


  1. What a beautiful place and WONDERFUL pictures.
    Thanks for showing us.

  2. I am so happy you enjoyed this D! If you ever have the chance to visit Maine, you will have York on your list for places to see! It is incredibly gorgeous! Remember to try that wicked good ice cream too!!


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