May 29, 2012

Please Come To Boston

One of the most beautiful trips we experienced while living in Maine, was our trip to Boston last May. The sights and sounds of this bustling city are sometimes overwhelming, but oh my goodness...the history found here is incredible!

The Swan Boats in Boston Commons

Greg and Jenn were making their first visit to us shortly after we moved up to Maine. It was THE most beautiful spring of our entire living experience up in New England. We packed a lot of sightseeing into that week and decided to include Boston for a few days before they headed back to Texas. It was a really good decision to do so. 

This rather fashionable sweetheart was resting in front of the Old South Church

The Old South Church of Boston-Huge and Architecturally Beautiful

A small Italian grocery in the North End of Little Italy. A bird had flown into the grocery and was currently being shooed out the front door

I thought you might enjoy just seeing the ordinary sights and what it would be like to live in Boston. We all agreed that the way to see Boston, as there is so much ground to cover, is to research and plan your trip before your arrival.

The Boston Harbor Hotel..How Grand! We had champagne brunch here out by the harbor view!

We were sitting right up there under the umbrellas. A small portion of the hotel is in this view.

This is a private residence Brownstone. Want to live in one? This particular one is in the Beacon Hill area and they are normally priced at 1 million and up!

This was a view of the Charles River taken from one of the trolley tours. We preferred the trolley tour from one of the Duck Tours as you are able to see more traveling through the city. The Duck tours will take you half of the time through Boston and the second half floating down the Charles River. Boston is so big there are certain areas of the city you will tour on each trolley.

Yes we took many pictures of some of the famous places, such as the Old North Church, Paul Revere's house, etc., but I love seeing just everyday living sometimes!

I simply could not get enough of the magnificent brownstones. Can you imagine living in one?

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