May 12, 2012

Being Home

I just received welcome back notices on facebook! Isn't it funny how all these forms of social media keep us connected? Thinking back over the past two months, we realized we had been able to see the children and grandchildren every weekend. We attended Noah's baseball game last Saturday and watched him pitch. That may not seem exciting to some people, however, considering we had moved clear across the country two years ago and only saw them once a year, it is a blessing beyond measure.

We have been able to meet in mid-week to all have dinner together. We have been shopping together and had cookouts by the new pool. We have had all of them spend the night in the new Texas house. All of this warms my heart. It does not seem real yet...more like we are just visiting.

Rob is spending the weekend with us and we enjoyed a home cooked meal last evening in the new kitchen. I THINK it is finally unpacked!!! I made meatloaf, mac and cheese, green beans and a German chocolate cake. I tell you, that meatloaf was so good, we all did a little dance at the table! Just comfort food, which he had not enjoyed in some time.

You know what all of this means, don't you? It's being a mom. It is being involved in your children's and grandchildren's lives. These are the experiences in our lives that create our memories.

The Divine Miss M keeps us up to date on little Luke's activities daily. Those funny things he says, his latest dance moves or his school projects! We talk frequently throughout the day and I am not certain what I would do without those phone calls. I think this is what I wanted to be when I grew up.....a wife and mother. That sounds rather cliche' and old fashioned doesn't it? Wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day!

Love from,

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