April 27, 2012

Wedding Blessings...Elements of Style

Well, one wedding down and one more wedding to go! The ranch wedding was simply the best! I can't wait until the pictures are unveiled. All of their hard work, planning, crying, organizing, building, traveling and taste testing produced the wedding night they dreamed of and we could not be happier for the lovely couple! They danced under a starlit sky, in a soft spotlight with fireworks bursting overhead....it was simply magical!

The next wedding will take place on Santa Rosa Island in Pensacola, Florida! We are going to be gathering ideas for florals and these stunning photos should help to give us all some insight on particular flowers, color shades and designs!

Your dream wedding includes several traditional elements updated with your own sense of style. A simple bouquet can be classic or modern, embellished with a few accent flowers, or clean and minimal. The intrinsic beauty of flowers shines in simple-style bouquets. Picture a posy of barely open roses, an armful of calla lilies, a handful of creamy-white tulips dotted with a few sprigs of chartreuse lady's-mantle, or a single orchid.

Simple is the perfect word for summing up the centerpieces that you love. Often monochromatic, your favorite centerpieces are arranged in geometric, unadorned containers. Their clean lines and refined color palette make a dramatic statement. Top your tables with a glass cube packed with pink roses or a simple cylinder brimming with white calla lilies or stems of delicate pastel orchids.

Fresh is best when it comes to flowers in your book. In the perfect world, you would gather all the blossoms for your bouquet from a friend's garden, but your practical side knows that it is best to leave the arranging to your trusted floral designer. Natural style has a "just picked" look that can take on a prairie feel or an English garden sensation depending on the blossoms you choose. For a prairie-inspired bouquet, think grasses, black-eyed Susans, purple coneflowers, echinops, and various berries and seedpods. For a petal-rich spin on natural style, call on sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, larkspurs, delphiniums, peonies, tulips, and herbs.

Your favorite centerpieces have a laid-back look. Found containers, such as galvanized buckets, wooden boxes, or a collection of old flowerpots, are perfect supports for your unstructured arrangements. A natural-style centerpiece might be a handful of peonies plunked in a blue canning jar adorned with a ribbon, or a collection of fresh-cut herbs in a moss-covered wire basket. Take inspiration from your reception site when designing natural-style centerpieces.

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