April 18, 2012


Now that we are getting closer to our move in date, I am constantly browsing through magazines to gather inspirational ideas for decorating our new living space. These little tidbits were just fun and affordable. I hope this provides you a little inspiration also, to make your house, your savvy chic home!

A Colorful Welcome

You only live once, so pick a bold door color and paint it with a semigloss or glossy paint. A must in my book! Paint both the front and the back of the door so it's beautiful on both sides. I love the shutter hardware, the ceramic flower pots filled with colorful plants, little flags added to the pots and the sign above the door. This just reflects a happy family inside! Notice the two different stone designs on the porch steps and how they contrast so nicely with the brick walkway...genius!

Open Cabinetry for Less

Love the look of open shelving but not able to rip out cabinets? Remove the doors, then paint or wallpaper the backs of the cabinets with a contrasting color. How light, airy and design chic is this kitchen space? I never would have thought to chose this chandelier, but oh my, what a element of design this adds!

On Display

Look for ways to elevate everyday household items. Dryer sheets, powder detergents, muffin liners, you name it, look so much better "displayed" in clear canisters than in their actual packaging. Muslin pouches can organize small collections. I am so doing this....the little tags certainly add a personal touch!

Pair Decor and Storage

Decorating and organizing go hand in hand for me. Do you need to find something to tidy up little things that always land on the countertop at my back entrance? The solution? A steel bread box! The lesson? Everyday things make great decorative organizers. I simply adore the cottage muslin cabinet curtain!

Rustic Appeal

Hardware and farm/feed stores are my favorite places to shop. Galvanized buckets, bins, and pails make great catchalls for shoes, toys, magazines, and more. Canning jars are pretty little organizers in a bathroom, kitchen, or office -- and they make great vases, too. I cannot wait to use my mason jars for flower vases out on the patio!

Wow with Wallpaper

Nothing adds dimension and pattern like wallpaper, but even one roll can be pricey. To cut costs, focus your project to the backs of bookshelves and use high-quality gift wrap instead of wallpaper. The paper can be applied just like wallpaper, using wallpaper paste. (If you're noncommittal, I've found that double-stick tape or 3M hanging strips also work wonderfully.) At about $8 per roll, you won't feel guilty about the little spruce-up. Think I might try this with one of our antique china cabinets!

Pretty Work Space

Whether your desk is in the living room or a home office, ban the banal! Even the most utilitarian desktop necessities should add to your space's glamour. Shop discount stores for colored juice glasses to use as pencil cups, contain small supplies such as a stapler and paper clips on a tray on top of a decorative box (turn it upside down), and go for the chicest stacking paper trays you can find! Oh this to pieces!

Pretty Pillows

Pillows are an instant way to decorate a room. Take a neutral palette and give it life with colorful fabrics and texture. Use pillows as an opportunity to accentuate a color in room or to introduce a contemporary element to a traditional room. Choose a slightly oversize pillow with a feather-filled insert for a softer, relaxed look. Love, Love, Love!

Happy Decorating!

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  1. All wonderful ideas Betsy! I especially love the wallpaper/gift paper tip to spruce up the inside of boring cabinets. Had not thought of doing that even though one of our hutches, has a beautiful fleur de les pattern in foil paper that I love. Shopping for gift wrap with a new eye to decorating!


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