March 5, 2012

A Pie Worth the Calories!

We are watching our calories! Seriously! The wedding is next month and I simply have to make it into a beautiful new dress! Blessings to whoever invented shapewear! However, we had a small little diversion going on when dessert time rolled around........

While visiting the Divine Miss M last week, we were treated to a fabulous pie...Mango Key Lime! Oh my goodness....what a unique taste. We both took our first little bite and knew this was a winner! You can actually taste the sweet mango with a hint of the tangy key lime! This recipe is a keeper and is going to be on our list for Easter dinner!

 Graham cracker crust
2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1⁄3 cup confectioners' sugar
 ½ teaspoon cinnamon
6 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled

 For the Filling
1⁄3 cup mangoes, pureed
6 egg yolks
 ½ up key lime juice
2 (14 ounce) cans sweetened condensed milk
½ cup mangoes, diced
3 cups whipped cream

Preheat oven to 350 degree. Make crust: in large bowl, combine cracker crumbs, sugar, cinnamon and butter; mix well. Press mix into a 10-inch pie pan, sides and bottom. Set aside. Make filling: in a food processor (or blender) process mango until pureed. Add egg yolks, lime juice and the two cans of milk. Mix, combining well. Fold in the diced mango using a rubber spatula to keep the mango intact. Pour mixture into crust and bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Remove and cool pie completely. Keep refrigerated until shortly before serving. Top with fresh whipped cream!

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