March 27, 2012

The Kitchen.....Love Me or Love Me Not!

The joys of selling your home? Are there any? I am trying very hard to keep that mind set of "the glass is half-full, rather than half-empty and sounding a bit like Eeyore! I am not understanding home buyers these days. I have always read that selling your home is generally based on four factors, Location, Price, Condition of the home and Square Footage! I can tell you this is what we look for when purchasing a home.

Our Kitchen

Open House in December, 2011

Countertops....loved them...neutral and in perfect condition with
rounded corners and no grout line.
But! They are not granite!
 I also loved the tile backsplash!

I am extremely particular about the view out of the kitchen window. In Texas, our view was the fence about three feet away and the neighbors above ground cement bunker they had built, thinking a hurricane would blow them away, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. That's a horror story unto itself, which I will write about in another post, so the view out of my Maine House window was breathtaking everyday. The woodlands, the snow falling, the wildlife we saw, the incredible sunsets....it was a gift everyday!

I fell in love with the Maple cabinets and the amount of storage space we had. Believe me, anyone can tell you, I have ALOT of china and serving pieces. I had room to accommodate most all of it. I loved the openness of the kitchen space and the ease of cooking here.

One of those beautiful winter sunsets

This was our new farmhouse table with the new ladder back chairs. I thought if fit beautifully in the style of a formal Colonial New England Home. I simply adored the hardwood floors. The sun would filter in during the day and make for a beautiful and warm kitchen. I miss that!

I loved this kitchen. I loved it when I first saw it and at that time, it looked completely different than this. I think you make the house yours. It either has you at hello, or it doesn't. My heart does not require granite or stainless steel appliances as HGTV tells you is a must have nowadays. If you have good appliances that work beautifully, what's wrong with black or white? Do we live in a throw away society of tossing out good quality homegoods? Well, I enjoyed being a homemaker here...absolutely loved it!

The Divine Miss M, who has a great deal of experience being a real estate agent, reminds me that today's home buyers do not share my way of thinking. They do not look at square footage, nor do they give thought to the view from the kitchen window. They will immediately look at a room and disregard it if it is not the color, layout or have the latest and greatest of everything. Today's consumer......what we valued yesterday, may not be what is valued today. Onward and upward old girl!


  1. Loved seeing the kitchen where Estelle's Greats come from... so warm and inviting. I think having all the bells and whistles are important to some, but for a real cook, a spacious kitchen with plenty of storage is at the top of their list. We have dark granite, with dark tile backsplash and cherry cabinets. It makes the kitchen look like fall all the time. Wish I could go back and do white painted cabinets and mixed up the countertop surfaces, Corian and granite. You have to buy several houses before you get the "right one!"

  2. Your kitchen sounds simply beautiful. I love seeing what others have chosen for their own heart of their home. Yours sounds very similiar to our daughters when they lived in TX. If it has the feel of fall, then I'm with you! Granite is beautiful but it is not a requirement to me. We just need to discover the right buyer! I love white cabinets too...never had these, but would love them! I adore the kitchen in our new home and cannot wait to show it to you! However, The Maine House began in this kitchen and what wonderful days they were! Everyone who visted felt as if they were at a Bed and Breakfast..music to my ears!

  3. I love your kitchen and the counter tops, thumbs up! :)

  4. Well you are a love Miss Kim! Perhaps the right buyer will come along soon. We certainly did enjoy it....thank you for the kind comments~

  5. I had to chuckle at this post. Having gone through the sell/buy process far too many times (seven times...and probably counting...:), with a few "rent for a couple of years" thrown in for good measure, I also have some ABSOLUTES on my list when I look at a home. They are the things that CANNOT be changed, or can't be changed easily/relatively inexpensively/via DIY. The kitchen is so important, isn't it? But, buyers: you can change the appliances...you can even change the countertops...but you cannot change the general view from your kitchen window that you will look at every morning you are in the house you buy! First of all, there MUST be a kitchen window over the sink. Secondly, I must be able to see flora and fauna: my flowers (which I don't mind planting) and my bird feeders and bird bath. And, usable outdoor space is so much more important to me than whether its corian or granite...puh-lease!!

    1. Always a girl after my own heart Miss Patricia. You make me smile! Thank you!


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