March 28, 2012

Four Seasons of Formal Dining

Welcome to Estelle's at The Maine House! Darling and I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. I suppose from the time we were quite small, our grandparents and our parents entertained in their formal dining rooms. These rooms had a rather elegant feel to them. They hosted holidays and special occasions and often times, Sunday dinner after church service. They hosted bridal showers, bridesmaid luncheons, church socials, bridge clubs, senior tea's and funeral visitations. It has always been a very special place within our homes, where our grandfathers and fathers sat at the head of the table, while our grandmothers and mothers were seated at the opposite end of the dining table. The children encircled the adults on both sides. Oh, the special memories of these formal dining rooms! Darling and I have raised our children in the same manner...and they share in these very special memories!

My crystal chandelier I brought with me from Texas to Maine

Christmas at The Maine House, December, 2010

Easter of  April, 2011

Learning the art of Crackin' Lobstah!

Miss Catherine seems to be having no problem at all..
Here's the way it's done Robbie!

Halloween Night....The Best Trick or Treating Fun Ever!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Miss Vicki toasting her happiness of visiting The Maine House
Our dear friends visiting from Texas last October

For now, all is quiet....
waiting to welcome the next family and their own celebrations...
These were the best of times. Thanks for the memories Estelle's!


  1. We just entertained company from Texas in our dining room! It's an important part of any home, the ritual of sitting around the table, so important! Your chandelier is so beautiful, it's old isn't it? Memories, that's our job Betsy!

  2. How wonderful Joycee? What was your menu? Did you take pictures to share? Thank you so much...no the chandelier is not old, I think I have had it for about twenty years however. Sure hate to leave it behind! Yes ma'am, making memories is what it's all about.....and usually left up to the Mom...I think we can handle it though!

    1. It was an early birthday dinner for our 12 year old grandson. His other grandparents joined us from San Antonio. Gavin chose meatloaf again this year, my meatloving family didn't complain at all! I made it into meatloaf "cupcakes" in my jumbo muffin pans and piped fluffy chive potatoes on top! They baked perfectly, I was so pleased. Should have taken pictures of the food, I am not good at that part of blogging. But I may learn a thing or two coming to your blog, your food is beautiful!

    2. Now THAT's a great way to entertain and serve comfort food in a rather elegant way! I am impressed! That's the good ole' southern hospitality coming out! I am going to try that! Thanks so much for sharing that idea...love it!


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