March 13, 2012

Gorgeous Lilies!

I needed something blooming in the garden in Texas. These beautiful lilies met my needs and they were magnifient in hot areas....they even survived those summers of triple digits! I found a complete package of these beauties and planted  Black Outs, Pisa, Val di Solos, Couriers, Menorcas, Brindisis, Stargazers, Dordognes, Casa Blancas, Red Hots, Salmon Stars; and one each of Conca D'Or, Nymph, and Robina. I can't wait to add these to our new garden...wherever that is to be!

This lily collection is unmatched in terms of color, cultivar, fragrance, and extended bloom-time. Beginning early summer, Asiatic and LA hybrids tout hues of burgundy, yellow, orange, ivory, peach, and pink!

In mid-summer, Orientals arrive in accolades of cream and crimson and fuchsia and white. Then in late summer and fall, Orienpets of golden yellow and beige delight with their red and mauve candy stripes as well as white eyes.

wonderfully fragant, loved the variety of colors grew with little care

Type: perennial
 Zones: 4 through 9
 Spacing: plant 8" apart
Sun Exposure: partial sun
Water: at least twice per week throughout summer
Fertilize: twice a month throughout summer
Blooms: June through September
Mature Height and Spread:
varieties vary between 26"H and 36"H with an 8"W to 10"W
spread the first year
 Winterizing: in late autumn, cut stalks back to the ground

I simply can't wait to go play in the dirt!

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