January 13, 2012

A Long Winters Nap

We had the most beautiful heavy snowfall in the village yesterday. Night looks so peaceful in the backwoods with the garden lights shining dimly under the snow crystals. I think I actually slept through the night. It was delicious. I think I may have even snored! Just simply.....wicked good!

I have discovered a secret!
The most beautiful, rustic, heavenly soap on the planet.
 As the flowers lightly exfoliate, the olive and palm oils
moisturize and nourish.

This comes in Lavender, Orange Flower, Rose, Verbena. This fragrant line of "Savon de Marseille" is sheer bliss! I bought the Lavender and the Rose. Each has a wonderful fragrance that permeates the senses, and provides for a very satisfying and luxurious bath and shower experience. The moisturizing qualities of these pure "Vegetable Oil" base soaps are combined with heavenly fragrance.


I like to take a nice warm bath with 6 drops of lavender oil in the water. This helps me sleep better! Lavender is so soothing and relaxing. Lavender Bath Salts combines the therapeutic power of sea salt with the tension-reducing scents of lavender, juniper, or eucalyptus. Essential botanical oils add moisture for dry winter skin.

There is so much stress in our lives
that it's hard to relax.
Sometimes I just place a couple of drops of
lavender essential oil on my
 pillow , sheets, or pajamas at night.

I also discovered a little bottle that I simply cannot be without called "Natures Inventory Wellness Oil." Should you feel dizzy or unsteady, rub this mix of  jojoba, lavender, peppermint, neroli, and anise oils into your skin and inhale deeply. The soothing aromas help quell anxiety and restore focus and calm.

A lavender eye pillow is another way to relax. This is especially nice when you want to lay on your back and meditate. It just helps you get into that deeper meditation state. Or try to tense and relax each set of muscles. Take some deep breaths and visualize the stress leaving your body, and before you know it, you drift off to sleep.

I adore my beautiful embroidered lavender heat wrap....so incredibly soft! I just pop this in the microwave to treat myself to an in-home spa treatment. It is aromatic, moist heat that soothes sore muscles. You can also freeze this to comfort minor inflammation.

For insomnia try making yourself a nice hot cup of lavender tea. Take 2 teaspoons of dried lavender buds and seep for only two or three minutes. Longer steeping will taste bitter. Add milk, sugar or honey to taste and drink. This is an old remedy that has been around for years.

Snug As a Bug in a Rug!

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  1. I totally agree, a nice hot bath with your favorite bar of soap is pure bliss!


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