November 29, 2011

A Snowy Thanksgiving

The Maine House was blanketed in white on Thanksgiving day. We arrived in Boston on Tuesday evening to greet Rob as he flew in from Dallas. Oh, to see this boy's sweet smile made my heart sing. Don't you just love those moments at the airport when everyone greets their loved ones with hugs, kisses and smiles? This was perfectly reflected in the movie "Love Actually" love is all around you! We then headed toward Beacon Hill to have a fine Italian dinner at Antonio's! As normal, Rob was starved and ate not only his entree, but some of Darling's and a little of mine. We shared the cannoli which is just a little bit of heaven! Arriving back in Maine we discovered two raccoons on the deck on the hunt for a little bird seed. Rob commented how good it was to be back in Maine and observe the wildlife right in our own little woodlands! Here is what it looked like when we woke up on Wednesday!

Wednesday was a perfect day. We baked our favorite Chilighetti, made our Smoked Cheddar Rolls, took in a movie and shared family time.

Alas, Thanksgiving day arrived! Time to bake the pies~

Darling and Rob fried the turkey in the snow, while Estelle's was preparing the side dishes in the warmth of the kitchen!

The aroma is incredible!

Preparing the Appetizers

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