November 7, 2011

Laugh, Smile and See the Good Side of Things

I often times miss the people I have had in my life's journey. Even on a beautiful day, with the sun shining and the sky bright blue and cloudless, my thoughts can turn to a memory and a face. I miss the person who is no longer here. I miss the voice, the words spoken, the smiles and the feeling of the comfort that they brought to the world. I miss Jeanne. I posted about her when first learning of her sudden passing away. I commented before, the manner in which she spoke reminded me so much of Mother. She had a such a big heart, she brought joy to those around her, she loved her children and she often spoke about how much she missed her husband, Butch. Her home was simply gorgeous. Stunning, yet comfortable, warm and welcoming. We shared a love of Country French design. She was whimsical which showed her magnificent sense of humor. Those that were her close friends and visited her home for meetings, dinners and holidays, often commented on how "at home" they felt and how stunning the colors were. Her home reflected her true nature. Now, it is silent......her laughter is missing. I hope it trancends to a perfect new owner. One that will reflect her zest for a good life and her happy thoughts.

The following was a loving tribute from Quacker Factory

Jeanne Bice loved life. From her childhood in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin-taking care of her baby brother Dick, all through her married years to her adoring Butch in Ripon, Wisconsin, raising her beloved Tim and Lee, Jeanne was surrounded by love. Everyone loved to be at Jeanne's house. That's where the party was-everyday.

Life was perfect, until that day when Butch suddenly died and left her with her two children, and decisions to make.

As she later wrote about it, she pulled herself up by her bra straps and started over. Again and again. She discovered that Happy wasn't a destination in life. 'Happy comes from the choices we make and the way we think on life's journey.'

Jeanne chose to love. She loved what she did-creating Quacker Factory clothes, with 'sparkle and shine'. Clothes that made people Happy.

She loved QVC. Everything about it. She loved the people: the executives who ran it, and the production people who worked so hard to make every show perfect. She loved the famous stars who appeared there, and had to pinch herself when others considered her one.

She loved the hosts of her shows, her buyers and all the people who worked with her and for her to make Quacker Factory clothes a reality. But most of all-above everything else-Jeanne loved the Quackers. 'They come as customers, they stay as friends,' she said over and over. Because that was how she felt. 'I owe everything I have to these women who believe in me.'

Jeanne loved the stories they told her. On the cruises, at live-audience shows, or on phone calls during the shows. She would sit and listen. She could relate to them. She knew the power of friends to help each other, support each other.

It never mattered who you were. Rich, famous, powerful or not-it didn't matter. Successful or struggling, size 4 or 44-it never mattered. She loved who you were inside. She had time for everyone.

In college Jeanne studied to become a teacher. She'd laugh when she'd tell the story of practice-teaching and discovered that kids had their own ideas about how to do things. She said she gave up teaching, but that's really not true.

Her most important lesson was that Jeanne Bice taught the world how to laugh and smile. She taught us how to look at the good side of things. She taught us to Dream. She taught us to Believe. She taught us to love ourselves; who we are, just as we are.

In the Rubber Duck Principle, Jeanne wrote this about Angels:

'Sometimes we feel that we are all alone, as life brings us challenges to overcome and hardships to bear. But when we least expect it, help can appear. It may be a kind word from a stranger or a phone call at just the right time, and
 suddenly we are surrounded by the loving grace of God.
Miracles happen everyday because angels are everywhere.'

On June 10, 2011, Jeanne joined the Angels who will make miracles happen forever.


  1. Oh my, I have tears streaming down my face from reading this tribute to Jeanne Bice. She was that person you described and she had the gift of making friends to all she touched, even the ones who only saw her on tv were blessed. Some people "sparkle," Jeanne Bice was one of those.

  2. Did you know Jeanne? How wonderful to know her life and her thoughts touched so many! I am thrilled that you shared this with us Joycee! Merry Christmas Darling! Jeanne was an angel on earth and know in heaven!


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