July 2, 2011

A Visit to The Maine House

Well, we have just finished cleaning out the garage....replanting the flower pots, bringing out the cushions for deck chairs, mowing, trimming, clipping, blowing this long, long driveway and refilling all the bird feeders! Yes, that's been our day at The Maine House! Darling drove in late last night from Boston after traveling "across the pond" to Scotland. He had been there all week on business, so he is glad to be home and I am so thankful he made it home safe and sound. I hope that will be the last trip over there...at least for a long while! We are having Estelle's treat us to barbecue chicken, fresh pasta salad and grilled summer veggies! Thought you might enjoy taking a little tour of our home!

Front Yard

Front Yard View from Porch Entry..note my little butterfly...I have three and they are solar lights that shine softly in the garden at night...all colors..just love these!

Daylilies under River Birch Tree

Wild Roses on South Side

I don't know what these are...tiny bits of Lavender in among the Bright Pink Roses

Our Garden Shed-Next Project is to stain the front boardwalk
Love my lone stars...still claiming we are Texans! You can see where the Deer took winter meals!

Beautiful and thriving color...thrillled...could not keep anything alive during summer's in Texas

Our Back Garden...Bird, Chipmunk and Squirrel Sanctuary...This is where the deer visit us in winter months. Birdhouses to hide, angels to watch over helpless creatures and rabbits peaking from nooks and crannys!

Hey...there is Mae Mobley keeping guard at the front door!

Here is Darling....tired and worn out! So glad to have him home!

Ya''ll have a good evening!


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