January 31, 2011

A Soothing Haven!

Need a touch of glamour, an air of extravagance or perhaps a bit of nostalgia? When our days seem hectic, too fast- paced and somewhat maddening, we need to retreat to one place in our homes where we can relax in luxurious comfort! It's all about creating your space where you can shut out the world...at least for an hour or so! 
 At The Maine House, it is the bath!

A Maine House Mosaic

Yes, dear ones....you can have luxury on a budget! Perhaps these few ideas will inspire you to create your own romantic little retreat right inside your home.

  • Wallpaper can give your bath space old-house charm!

  • Stencil flowers, ribbons, birds, whatever your fancy is to create a faux chair rail or design on your bathroom wall! Decorate the corners by converting pretty mirrors from antique picture frames.

  • Vintage linens which you have saved from your grandmother could be used to create a beautiful window treatment. I love this idea!

  • One of my favorite feminine flairs is to hang balloon curtains over the bathroom window. A lush balloon shade also communicates luxury. Place a wall sconce to the side of the window for that soft lighting effect! 

  • Create a corner that can hold all of your special little luxuries for your bath and fill a basket with your favorite lotions, scented oils and bath beads. My favorite scents are Bronnley's Lavender and Lime & Bergamot scents!

  • Decorate your bath with something living and green...a plant that thrives on moisture and is lacy, such as a fern!

  • You may find a use for that silver heirloom tray you have stored away. Don't throw away those lovely empty perfume bottles! Think of them as vintage and fill them with colored water or simply display them empty of their fragrance, along with a vintage powder box.  A silver mirrored tray could hold crystal accent pieces for a sophisticated bath.

  • Details such as whimsical hooks can be hung in places throughout your bath to display a fluffy white towel! Match your shower curtain hooks to the towel bars which will be so visually pleasing. I used an elaborate wrought iron hall rack and converted it into my fancy towel holder...one of my favorite things!

  • Bursts of bright colors and fresh flowers in the bathroom provide a pleasing pick-me-up in the morning.

  • A seashell collection can be converted into a border for an inexpensive mirror. Simply arrange your collection to your liking, then attach the shells with a glue gun. You can then enjoy your collection which will bring back your fond memories each and every day!

  • Inherent simplicity is created with colors of blue and white or grey and cream!

  • A pleated sink skirt can camouflage an older sink that may have exposed pipes beneath. Simply attach with velcro strips while carefully creating knife pleats.

  • Subtle touches of pink or blue soften a black-and-white vintage bath.

Whatever your ideas, incorporate a few of your favorite things!
It can make life joyful!

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