October 9, 2010

Vintage Lavender!

The Maine House is devoting a few days to gift giving ideas. Once October begins the glorious holiday season, our thoughts turn to creative ideas for special and pampering gifts for all the darlings in our lives.

Our first love is lavender! The health benefits of lavender essential oil include its ability to remove nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems.
LAVENDER IS ONE OF THE MOST NOSTALGIC FRAGRANCES, bringing scenes of childhood vividly to the mind: high summer days that last for ever, lavender bushes shimmering against the blue sky, the bees blundering in and out among the flowers, stirring up the intense, sweet sensation.

Baby Jennyfer has always loved lavender. She has wanted everything lavender from her tutu's, her bedroom, her hair ribbons to her grown-up high heels! So we begin...with her inspiration color and scent!

Scented Bath Salts
2 cups Epsom Salts
1cup sea salt or rock salt
1/4 cup glycerin
Essential Lavender Oil (available in bath shops or health food stores)

Combine salts in a mixing bowl and mix well. Stir in glycerin and 4 to 5 drops of essential lavender oil. Spoon bath salts into glass containers and tightly seal! Decorate with small vintage gift tags and ribbons!

Lavender-Rose Powder
1 cup talc
1 cup cornstarch
1/8 teaspoon lavender essential oil
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon essential oil
10 drops rose essential oil
wax paper
vintage handkerchiefs

Blend ingredients together. Let mixture dry on wax paper. Spoon mixture into the center of new or vintage handkerchiefs and tie with ribbons. Place under your pillow or in your drawers for the softest, loveliest lavender-rose scent!

"There's a few things I've learned in life:
 always throw salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for good luck, and fall in love whenever you can."


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