September 5, 2010

Wedding Blessings...September, Sail Away with Me..........

Your Inspiration..........the blues of the ocean....shades from Navy to sapphire to lapis to turquoise.....

The deep blue, almost navy color of this gown, along with it's design is pure elegance!

Sapphire is the color for September. The deep blue sapphire represents, truth, honesty and faithfullness.
The Aster is the flower for September....the Aster symbolizes love, faith, wisdom and valor. Colors range from pink, red, violet and mauve.

Now, although I love the color blue, I am not a fan of primary colors. I prefer various softer shades of blue so the color I chose for September will be our inspiration color....ocean blue. I found one arrangement I loved, however the primary flower used is a rose.... I also have forever loved blue and yellow paired together...not a bright yellow, but again softer shades of lemon yellow. So these are the colors that I felt would present a beautiful setting for a September wedding set against the ocean coastline!

The venue for exchanging wedding vows has been chosen to be a  white greenhouse with no more than three arrangements surrounding the wedding party. It is evening, soft and breezy and dimly lit against the blue of the water.

 Guests can mingle comfortably and sip on an evening cocktail. A wedding represents a celebration of the couple beginning their life together...taking the journey and path that God has chosen for them. Family and friends have come together to witness their commitment to each other and wish them a happy life.

The perfect cake...............soft lemon yellow and scrolls of cream........

The signature cocktail.........The Lemon Drop...of course!

1½ cups Vodka
1½ cups Limoncello
1½ cups Grapefruit Juice*
1 cup Lemon Juice

Shake vigorously over ice cubes and strain into chilled martini glasses each rimmed with sugar and garnished with a lemon slice.

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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