September 6, 2010

Wedding Blessings..October, Opals and Lilies!

Fall is a time of bounty, harvest and thanksgiving. So much about the season can fill one with love, joy and expectation. So what better time to make a commitment of love and joy? When it comes to fall weddings, October is the best month to make your move. The weather is perfect, holidays are still in the future, leaves are starting to turn, and fall flowers are at their peak.

 If you are planning an October wedding, here is a quick and simple guide to wedding flowers.

October is a prime month for lilies. While typically thought of as a spring flower, properly tended lilies have a second bloom season in the first blush of cool weather after the summertime heat. For a majority of the United States, this means that these classically beautiful flowers will be available to the October bride. In addition, popular October home garden perennials like pansies, snapdragons and poppies can add a mix of color and visual interest to any wedding creation.

White Lily: Purity, modesty, virginity, majesty, it's heavenly to be with you!
 Opal : given as a symbol of  hope, happiness and truth!

When planning an October wedding, the selection of flowers need not be a stress. Take advantage of the traditional flowers of autumn such as the hardy mum, or the second bloom of a lily. If you are called to a more traditional arrangement, take advantage of today’s greenhouse flowers that are available year round. Whatever your choice of flowers, make sure they are nothing more than an accent to the perfect wedding day.

One great idea is to base your wedding theme around the October birthstones, which are opal or rose quartz. These gems come in lovely and feminine colors which are perfect for an October bride who does not care for the rich and fiery tones of the typical fall colors. I love opals, the color is soft and iridescent.

To bring the look of an opal into your bridal ensemble, look for gowns with a touch of shimmer. You can finish the look off with opal bridal jewelry, if you choose. Another idea is to wear bridal jewelry that is handcrafted with Swarovski crystals with an "ab" finish. These beautiful crystals reflect all of the colors of the rainbow, which makes them perfect for handcrafted bridal jewelry when you want a little iridescence. This collage featured absolutely beautiful fashion, the reception suggestion and wedding cake with a touch of opal color...love the simplicity of this look...another suggestion is the rolled fondant with fondant lilies adorning the cake.

The Lily Signature Cocktail.....

The Lily cocktail is a drink invented by Harry Craddock of the Savoy Hotel in London, England around 1925.

1 oz. gin
1 oz. rum
1 oz. Cointreau liqueur
Dash absinthe
Dash freshly squeezed orange juice
Chilled martini glass
Orange peel, for garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker half-full with ice cubes.
Add the gin, rum, Cointreau liqueur, absinthe and freshly squeezed orange juice to the cocktail shaker.
Cover the cocktail shaker and shake very gently for 10 to 15 seconds. Shaking too hard will release an unpleasant, overwhelming juniper berry flavor, so shake gently.
Strain the contents of the cocktail shaker into a chilled martini glass.
Garnish the drink with a fresh orange peel and serve immediately while very cold.

Wedding Toast...To the groom who has conquered his bride's heart...and...her mother's!

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