April 5, 2020


I really had not prepared a post for today,
but after listening to our Surgeon General, 
Vice Admiral Jerome Adams response to Covid-19 crisis
saying this it was tragically fitting as we go into
Holy Week, that the week ahead was going to be sad and tragic.....
I felt the need to connect with you all.....

I am cooking and cleaning......alot...
it makes me feel better and keeping
the wax warmers lit, brings comfort.....

Lighting the candles also adds calm feelings to our home.....

We have had rather cool spring days with rain this week....
the darling is keeping busy before all those
conference calls get on the coming weeks schedule....

My little Easter tin ornaments arrived and they are absolutely darling....
I am going to hang them from the mantel today.....

You are in my thoughts and prayers....
stay safe and stay home....
Have a blessed Palm Sunday


  1. Your tin ornaments are adorable. Lovely pictures. Have a wonderful week as we continue to shelter in place and enjoy the comforts of home. (Incidentally, thank you very much for sharing Libby Murphy's Montgomery Pie recipe on your blog some time ago. I miss that dear lady.)

  2. Perhaps the news will not be as bad as they are saying...I am praying. Your ornaments are certainly darling.

  3. Keeping you and yours in my prayers as well. Be safe and stay wellXXOO

  4. the chimes of the clock made me think of church bells!
    and what a beautiful kitty is Miss Mae enjoying them. xoxo

  5. I am very impressedw ith our surgeon general. Bracing myself for the coming weeks and doing everything I can to help any way I staying home, sewing masks for friends and family and praying.
    I clean and light candles for therapy too!

  6. Please share with me where you found the tin ornaments. I have looked everywhere, but can't seen to locate. My daughter has a mantle as well, where they would be perfect.

    Thanks, Happy Easter, and STAY SAFE

    1. I found these on Amazon...vintage Easter ornaments....tried to show the link but it did not seem to work...I'm sure you can find them with this word search. Happy Easter!


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