October 16, 2019


Hello Loves!
Do you enjoy creating  a Fall look on your dining table?
If you are hosting a family and friends soiree,
then they will certainly appreciate your efforts
when gathering in the kitchen for delicious foods and beverages!

It seems that Pier One features the most gorgeous china patterns
when it comes to seasonal decor.

The Divine Miss M  celebrated a birthday
last month, so I thought a set of new dinnerware
would be a nice gift for her.
These beautiful navy dinner plates and appetizer plates
are now being used in  her Atlanta home.

This pattern is known as Waterbury Leaves...I thought I would try
my hand at a Fall tablescape using the colors of Navy, olives and crimsons.

I just love the rustic textures of the season...
this woven table runner was ideal for using in this setting.

Sometimes, it will surprise you when using non-traditional
colors for Fall....I never really thought of incorporating Navy
into a table display, but I really love the look.

I also wanted a centerpiece that would serve
well in a small space..with the pumpkin being
open, it allows guests to see each other when sitting on 
opposite sides of the table, plus it also serves as candlelight
in the evenings.

You may want to scatter faux gourds and leaves throughout
your table to complete your seasonal festive look!
Now you are ready to relax for a fun and festive evening!
Happy Birthday Miss M.!!!


  1. It’s beautiful and I love the video! I have a navy blue tablecloth in the kitchen with layered tablecloths on top. The colors really do complement each other! I used to buy dishes for my Amber.....
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  2. Very pretty tablescape...the combination of navy and olive green is wonderful. Your daughter has some pretty dishes. You might be amused to know that my daughter received a new set of silverware for her birthday. Now if I dared to select some pretty dishes... 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. I love the dishes. The leaves on one plate have a blue hue to go with the navy. You did a very nice table setting too. I like the center piece . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Your tablescape is gorgeous! I have not been to Pier 1 in awhile I think I will have to go there soon.


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