August 23, 2019


Celebrate Fall with Estelle’s
It’s time to bring the crisp air and changing colors of autumn 
into your home with seasonal décor. 
From wreaths and pumpkins to figurines and floral arrangements, 
these are a few of the items you need
 to create a charming harvest haven.

Are you searching your cupboards for fall mugs
that you will want to use for your fall Coffee Station?

I enjoy using touches of whimsy in various nooks and crannies.......

Have you chosen your color palette yet?
I am constantly amazed at those who decorate in all-white....
I mean why? When fall offers us the most beautiful and vibrant 
colors of Autumn....why miss out on all that beauty?
Perhaps they find a neutral color palette calming!

Gather up your fall cookbooks...
it's amazing how food and scents can take us back
to childhood and all our favorites we remember from our Mother's kitchen.....
Sunday Pot Roast, a big pot of Spaghetti Sauce bubbling away
and her Apple Dumplings she made very fall.....

It's time to gather your fall florals, picks and berries...
bring them together in a festive fall container....

Bring out those decor items that are now quite old....
these are the best of memories....
I have had these old wooden spools for close to forty years now!

Do you enjoy putting your collectibles on display?
This year, I am going to put out all
my Jim Shore pieces for the Harvest!

Oh, and don't forget the throws and pillows
you want to use for curling up on the sofa
while sipping on hot cider on those cool fall days...
can't you just feel the season rolling in?


  1. Beautiful pieces! Not quite ready to embrace fall yet, still hanging on to those last bits of summer. But I can imagine the cinnamon and pumpkin smells as I read your post! -Jenn

  2. Soon I'll be getting my glass pumpkins out, and fall accessories. I love autumn color!

  3. You mentioned things I have never considered! Maybe next week or the week after, I’ll be ready to give it some thought. Keep having fun...🍎

  4. Betsy, I really like all the autumn pieces you have decorated with. I need to work on my throw pillows and make some quick covers for them. LOL. Your angel is adorable. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. sometimes reading your post is like opening yet another little jewel box dearest bean!
    and this one didn't disappoint. Fall is and always has been my favorite season.
    thanks for sharing your inspirations of it with all of us.

  6. I so agree about decorating with such vibrant, beautiful colors for fall, Thank you for all the inspiration you give.
    You asked if I enjoy photography, indeed I do, but I am such an amateur! Thank you for sharing.


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