August 16, 2019


Hello Loves!
How are things in your world?
Fall is popping out in all our favorite stores,
including the explosion of Pumpkin Spice seasonal goodies...
here is a glimpse of Estelle's this past week......

I am slowly getting in the mood for the fall season....
making a few changes here and there...and am loving the look!

I added a few fall touches to the piano in our formal living room.....
I just so enjoy this arrangement no matter what the season....

Now lets' talk food.....

I tried yet another Banana Bread recipe and oh boy.....
it's a winner....don't you just simply adore the aroma of
Banana Bread baking in the oven....it fills the house with the most
delicious smell......I'll share the recipe in a future post!

I find that eating a bit more for breakfast can last me through most of the day...
more for breakfast and much less for lunch....love using
fresh summer berries......I freeze blueberries and just let them thaw a bit
to serve over buttery hot buttermilk waffles!

If you can find this brand of eggs...BUY THEM!!!!

I am currently in a love affair with eggs, peppers, tomatoes , spinach and  cheese......

Add one slice of Dave's Killer Bread....and fresh orange slices!!!!
We have cut way back on bread....one slice per day!

We are still on the Hello Fresh delivery 3 days out of the week....
had the most delicious dinner the other night....
Beef Tenderloin in a Mushroom Sauce
served over Truffled Risotto...divine I tell you!

Oh yes I did!!!!
Honey, when you reach my age, you appreciate living in the moment...
go ahead and bake that Pumpkin Pie!

Now let's talk Amazon Prime favorites.....

Are you taking advantage of Amazon Prime Pantry.....
all sorts of products and fantastic prices that you sometimes cannot find in stores!

A new canvas print for our family room....
this is absolutely stunning!

We have lots of Plantation Shutters which require a good
cleaning and dusting every so often and this little tool
is marvelous for the task!

I discovered these faux bakery cupcakes, which not only
look delicious,,,,they smell good too...makes a darling little
addition to the Magnolia cake stand!

I buy a lot of my faux florals from Amazon and moved
my arrangement from our guest bath to our foyer.....

Because.....I was creating a new arrangement for the bath vanity
using Grandmother's crystal rose bowl.....

I use peonies throughout our home in honor
of my Mother...her favorite flower!

I have said many times how much I love using
my family heirlooms...Grandmother would be so pleased....

My current new Book Club read, along with a set of new readers.....

Most of my paper napkins also come from Amazon...
this season, my theme is apples!!!
Stay tuned for my finished Apple Wreath....just love it!

I came across these adorable vintage canisters the other day...
aren't they just beautiful...now on display in the kitchen....

Soon, these will be filled with caramels and fall chocolates....

Don't you just love the colors of fall....
try using items you already have on hand and just add a pumpkin...
it transforms the ordinary..into something beautiful for fall!

Hope you are all well and happy....thank you for stopping by today...love ya' to bits!


  1. Mae's eyes are picking up the green in her rug. :):) I love your flowers you are using in your decor. I need some sunflowers to scatter about here. My daughter makes banana breads for Ted and I . I love blinds, and usually do one slat at a time...it's a chore. Blessings , xoxo, Susie

  2. Oh I love a good eclectic post! That pumpkin pie...oh my! It’s like eating veggies, right?! I am not ready for fall yet, but I felt the twinge reading your post and Linda’s; you both are two peas in a pod today. Oh, and thank you for the suggestion about Prime...I am a member and I will be taking another look.

  3. Delightful finds, your fall decor, is so inspiring! I have just begun with my fall decorations, I think a pumpkin pie is in order too!
    Always a delight to visit.

  4. i just may have to make a pumpkin pie for Labor Day weekend. I enjoy all your fall posts. Give Mae Mobley a hug from me. thanks

  5. I love all your pretty things! I’m an Amazon Prime but I don’t use it like I should. I forget I even have it except when I’m looking for something in particular. Is that where you got your Pumpkin pudding mix for Crack Cake. I never found that in any grocery store. I made a pistachio crack cake today for a friend’s birthday. Love that recipe! Thank you!

    1. Hi Linda..yes ma'am, I bought the pumpking pudding mix from Amazon...couldn't do without it!

  6. OH- I love coming here and seeing what you are up to! What wonderful things you have found on Amazon Prime. I need to use mine more than I do.Those faux cupcakes are beautiful...as are your florals. xo Diana

  7. I love all your fall decorating. I'm actually thinking if making a pu.pkin pie to celebrate September - my favorite month. Now I think I will. You have inspired me.

  8. I’m going to have to Live vicariously thru you this season. My youngest son and family have moved into my house until they get a 2 bedroom shed built on their land...where they will live while they build their forever home place. Their house sold unexpectedly quick and had nowhere to go. And you know...being parents calls for sacrifice with our children. So we are living at our lakehouse until they have a place. Which I thought would only be a month or so...but is turning into many months. And it’s just dawned on me that I won’t be in my own home for Fall and prolly thanksgiving and (gasp) Christmas????? Oh my. Must go collect myself.
    Your home will be spectacular for Fall...I’ll just keep reading your blog for my decorating “fix”...

    1. Oh My Janey....your life seemes to be on a real whirlwind these days....not sure I could handle all that! I hope things go well....days of transition...best of luck!

  9. I was looking at the pics on your side bar....is that your Mae on the kitchen stool at your sink wearing an apron?
    Just too cute....
    I. Cant. Even.

    1. Pinterest deserves credit for that precious photo...although, I would love to "try" to dress Mae in an apron...alas.....it would be a catfight I'm afraind!

    2. It is such cute photo. I adore it.
      I tried putting a cat costume on my kitty for Halloween. Once. Did not go over well. Lol

  10. Just lovely as always!!!! Can't wait to start fall decorating, my favorite season. Thank you for sharing with all of us, a true treasure.


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