May 16, 2019


We all know the best part of a good soup, is the broth.
 It seems to comfort us like a gentle hug, doesn’t it? 
Do you often feel that afternoon slump and
 search for a little something to satisfy your hunger or tiredness?

This is an all natural vegetable sipping broth!
Made with vegan, wild harvest, organic and gluten-free ingredients 
with no added MSG.
Millie's sippin' broth is made with savory herbs and spices
 infused with green tea.

Warm and flavorful with a nice aroma, 
it's a great way to have a treat without the extra calories.

This delightful vegetable broth is a blend of onions, carrots, basil,
tomato, spinach, lime, spices and green tea.
One bag makes one cup of broth with only 10 calories.

Let the broth steep for 4 minutes, then sip and enjoy!


  1. How interesting. That would be perfect for sick days, too.

  2. thank you! this would be a wonderful little pick-me-up.
    I will look for it. you find the most interesting and wonderful things! xo

  3. Me, too. I will be looking for it. Seems like a great pick-up, nutritious and comforting.


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