February 13, 2018


Valentine's Day is celebrated each year when we land on
the 14th day of February.
I am SO glad when we turn the calender to February
as it's a short month and we are that much closer to Spring.
It is our day to honor those that we LOVE.

Do you prefer red or pink for Valentines?
I LOVE PINK....always!
Do you exchange cards with your sweetheart?
Do you love receiving a heart shaped box of chocolates!
Isn't it romantic!!!

When my precious children were little,
I always left them a box of chocolates on their pillow,
along with a sweet valentine card!
I hope they remember that......

It's nice to put little touches of this special day
somewhere around the house.....

And...it's a day for baking sweet endings.

Do you plan an evening out for dinner or perhaps a movie?
How about just staying home and grilling a steak.....
cooking together can be very romantic.....

And...chocolate.....don't forget the chocolate....
This is a prize winning chocolate pie that is to die for!
It takes us back to our Ole Miss days and the infamous
fudge pie served at The Holiday Inn in Oxford.



  1. Your post is so sweetly packed with love . . . thank you :)

  2. I have not done anything special for Valentine's Day this year. Not sure how that happened - or DIDN'T happen! I will be going to the Quads school Valentine Party tomorrow afternoon as Amber is sick with Type B flu. Should I be concerned that I left my Dickie's cup in the car on Sunday and forgot and drank all of hers that afternoon at Quadville?
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

  3. seeing it through another's eyes...
    back in my senior year in high school our exchange student was from Sweden.
    she was totally taken with the whole idea of Valentine's Day as a holiday!
    she said "to think! a entire day to celebrate just LOVING everyone!"
    I remember that she bought a LOT of valentines to send to her loved ones and friends back in Sweden!

  4. Have been under the weather, but had to get out today and find some goodies for my Valentines. I felt I needed protein so picked myself up some rotisserie chicken. Yum. Tomorrow, I’ll make some chicken soup. Enjoy creating a fun day for your Beloved and all your Valentines! 💗

  5. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY dear friend!!!! Hoping you get smooches and cuddles galore from that mr. of yours!!
    I ran home today to make a sweet eclair pie for mine and then thought...hmmmm, wonder whats for dinner. I was so enamored with making the pie that I forgot all about the meal...hahahahaha...leftovers for us on this rainy evening but we'll enjoy a quiet night alone....WITH pie!!!

  6. I dearly love chocolate pie!

  7. Hi Ms Estelle, I love baking evry so often, this pie I want to make, but the instructions don't go into much detail, so I need to ask some questions.the chocolate chips should I melt these first, or does everything get thrown in, and presto the chocolate melts? lol.. I'm gathering the whip cream is to top the pie right? well thanks for your time-I make many of your recipes, and love them all

    1. Hi Dolores....thank you for your questions on this pie! You do not melt the chips..just blend it into the pie batter..you can add a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream...but just per slice...not over the entire pie. It is a fudgy brownie consistency that turns into a scrumptious pie! I hope this clarifies your questions....enjoy!


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