January 10, 2018


Many of the You Tube women I follow,
have been quite happy with Grove Collaborative,
so I decided to subscribe and see how I liked it!
If I try particular online subscriptions, and love them,
I want to share them with you!

Everything was packaged beautifully!
And who doesn't love receiving a package chocked full of goodies!
I have been a huge fan of Mrs. Meyer's products for some time now,
and with Grove, I can have early access to seasonal scents which have
been hard to find in the past.

I also love receiving FREE products that are full sized!

I am loving this spray bottle, which can be used exclusively for
the kitchen or the bathrooms!
I think I am going to order a second one of these, 
then keep one downstairs and the second one upstairs!

These were all of the products in my first shipment.
It makes cleaning my house just a bit more enjoyable!

I am very cautious about products I use in our home and love that
these products are all natural, clean products....
I cannot wait to try them all and start the new year
looking clean and smelling fresh!

There is nothing to dislike with this as you can control
how many shipments you would like throughout the year
and chose your products!


  1. Where have I been? I have never heard of GROVE...but I will check it out. I do love Mrs. Meyers products, too. I am determined to use up all the 'off' cleaning supplies I have before I get more---part of my 'purging and cleaning' quest.

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday-xo Diana

  2. Betsy, LOL, no I do not like any of that all looks like work to me. LOL. Just kidding. I have never heard of the Grove products. I do so much cleaning with white vinegar , baking soda, bleach. Old standbys. I am going to check that Grove brand out. Blessings to you, stay safe. xoxo, Susie


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