November 12, 2017


We have not been able to visit Miss M and family
for a year now......and I miss her!
I asked if she would send me a few snapshots of the
beautiful fall color out her windows which is always stunning to me...
especially since we have little to no color here in Texas!
WOW! The beauty that surrounds their home is beyond gorgeous!

Oh how I love to see children playing in the yard after
a hard day at school.....makes me all verklempt missing
my children when they were littles......
Piper always keeping a close eye on them....
wanting to be outdoors romping around herself!

I love the quietness of a cool November day....
this is such a short-lived sweet time of life....
winter soon to follow....

How I love the view out of our kitchen window....
the greenbelt is beautiful this time of year.
The cottonwood trees are turning a beautiful shade of gold
and the leaves keep falling so gently throughout the day.

The neighborhood honors Veteran's Day by flying our flag
on every corner which is stunning as you drive through the area......

This was a quiet fall morning and every nook and cranny shows
we are all celebrating the season.

Our neighborhood has beautiful green spaces throughout
which creates an open feeling where you can walk
through the woodlands...just a beautiful feature!

I think I am a bit melancholy lately....
this time of year makes me want to travel the roads
home to see our we did for many years...
feeling the excitement and hearing the laughter we shared.......
Remembering all of our Thanksgiving dinners with them,
of course the delicious food is remembered, but it is more
of the sentiments...... that we wanted to share the celebration together
as a family....and you realize, that one day,
some of those you love will no longer be here.....

This is a good spot to snuggle.......
Enjoy your Sunday loves.


  1. Betsy, A cute picture of Mae and her toy friend. :):) I too get somewhat melancholy this time of year...missing my parents and other loved ones, who have passed on. Those loving thoughts of days, years gone by. It's all about our love of family and friends at this time of the year. Nice to see young kids playing. When I lived in town, I would open some windows so I could hear the children playing at the catholic school, three blocks away. I miss that sweet musical sound of children's laughter. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. I love that you shared this Susie...must be a similar thought among us....hugs and blessings to you from me!

  2. Beautiful Fall color from your daughter!
    This does seem to be a melancholy time of year. Louis Dean has been feeling that way since the time change.

    1. Maybe it is the season telling us to slow down and be grateful for the memories Linda....looks like y'all had a marvelous birthday celebration for your LD....LOVED IT!

  3. This time of year always makes me nostalgic. The shorter days, rainy weather, and looming holidays, I guess, make me think of the goodness of the past. Simpler times. I hope my children will have happy memories. I love that window with the wreath. Fall here in my yard has been very yellow this year.

    1. Hi Jane....I also hope my children have fond memories of being young and carefree in their fall childhood....days of playing in leaves and hot cocoa in the evenings....simplier times were best, weren't they? Hugs for a good week!

  4. Great pics of your grandkids, Betsy. My favorite is of the beautiful lab looking out the window at them. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Katie..only one of the two is our grandchild..although they are next door neighbors and together much of the time....thank you for visiting and I hope you also have a great week!

  5.'ve made me stop and think about the next few weeks hustle and bustle...and to make myself take it all in s-l-o-w-l-y and marinate in my children and their children's laughter. Because they're all still such babies, it becomes very hectic when we all gather. But I need to rejoice in that for it is fleeting...just as it was with their daddies when they were all young. I really want to just try to put some of the workload on others and with my grandchildren! Thanksgiving is such beautiful day for memory making!
    But first? Next weekend....I'm taking all six grandbabies and their mamas to the Gaylord for the ICE event and to spend the night ooohing and ahhhhing over decorations and the season. Wish me luck!!!

    1. So beautiful Janey....we did the ice show at the Gaylord a few times when the grands were's a wonderful family time for the holidays...the traffic however...oy vey.....enjoy your special occasion...

  6. there is something romantic and melancholy about this time of year for sure.
    your pictures make it all come to life for me. and to have piper rose and the beautiful mae in the same post ... and luke the duke playing down below ... be still this old heart! lol!

    1. Hi dear happy you stopped by and enjoyed today's post. I so hope you are having a lovely November...warm hugs!


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