November 5, 2017


I love the month of November...
it seems to be a quiet month......
the festivities of October have been made into memories
and everyone is preparing to gather for Thanksgiving day.
We begin to browse our cookbooks for our best recipes
and put on our best look for Autumn.

The Divine Miss M and her family
took professional photos for their Christmas card for 2017
and then treated themselves to Sushi! 
How I miss Luke the Duke....growing to be so handsome!!!

Son #2 and his family enjoyed a warm and somewhat humid fall afternoon
on Elizabeth's ranch.
It still amazes me to see how grown up the grandchildren are now!

I adore a Saturday when we can run all kinds of errands
and leisurely shop through the stores!
Is your mailbox chocked full of those beautiful holiday catalogs?
This brings to mind the days as a child when the catalogs
would arrive from Sear's featuring all the latest toys
for your letter to Santa Claus....I used to love that!

We can enjoy fall decorations for the rest of November.....

I love seeing the sunbeams filter in through the windows
in the afternoon while Mae is napping near by.....

We bought the most delicious fall foods this weekend....
autumn tea for the coffee bar.....

Gorgeous fall fruits including these beautiful red pears....

White chocolate apricot bread which makes
marvelous toast to enjoy with the first cup of morning coffee...

The Christmas decorations are spectacular this year....
it's a wonderland at Home Depot and Lowe's.

Our appliance shopping is in full swing
and it's such a big decision and investment....
we have to decide while black friday deals are on hand.....

And...the darling is still working on our beautiful Christmas puzzle...
I am loving our collection of puzzles we have.....each one more beautiful
than the last....

We ended our day with our tradition of
grilling outdoors for Saturday  night...
a perfect ending to a most marvelous day!


  1. The White Choc/Apricot is my fav from the store bakery....and, indeed, it makes the BEST buttered toast....
    My grands are all grown, too....well, little Deeds won't be 16 until the coming January...and she is our baby grand...4 little great grands are little and delightful

    1. What a blessing you have BJ IN GREAT GRANDBABIES! They must bring you so much joy! Happy November love!

  2. beautiful post from beginning to end!
    my favorites... luke the duke and that adorable smile
    when their two front teeth are bigger than the baby teeth!
    like little colts whose legs are too long ... but you know they will grow up to them.
    and of course... beautiful miss mae. her delicate little pink nose checking out the fruit! LOL!
    it's all a wonderful celebration of this glorious month!

    1. OH YOU are the dearest Tammy....I love your comments...makes my heart sing, as does your friendship...hugs and blessings for a beautiful week ahead.

  3. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. Love all your decorations. Have a good week.

    1. Wishing you a lovely autumn week also Katie....wonder what your Mister is cooking up this week? Hugs...

  4. That puzzle is so pretty. He must be growing fast when even I can tell that Luke is shooting up. He’s lost the little boy look and now has the big boy look. 🙂

    1. Don't you just love the puzzle was indeed a difficult one to put together..wish I could frame it...warm hugs to you dear one!

  5. What a great post. I love the family pictures and watching the kids grow. They grow WAYYY TOOO fast, don't they?

    I think I need to get a puzzle going downstairs to quiet my mind at the end of the day! xo Diana

    1. Yes, where does time go when we look at our grandbabies and then they are off to college in a flash? I know you relate to that Diana...wishing you a beautiful week ahead!

  6. Your Autumn Tea for the Coffee Bar - I love that! Just this morning I was in Quadville and had a Tea Party with the quads - serving coffee and milk. They didn't know you could have a Tea Party without TEA!
    Beautiful post.....I am savoring this last month of fall.....

    1. Oh those quad tea parties...I so miss reading about those Linda....glad you were able to enjoy some time with them...have a lovely week!


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