July 19, 2017


I will admit that Summer is not my favorite season!
I believe it used to be when I was younger...much younger.
Summer meant a full three months of vacations, playing outdoors,
riding bikes, visits to the Farmer's Market and visiting
our grandparents and cousins.
I wanted to do a little review of what's going on
at Estelle's these days during July.

I love adding to my cookbook collection with
This is my latest addition....a gorgeous Williams-Sonoma cookbook!

I love finding little hidden treasures in used books.....

We have had visits from Bo...
who loves afternoons in the pool....
this dog loves to swim.....

Mae is not so amused when he visits......

We celebrated birthdays...the last one being the darling's....
We are the same age for one week out of the year...
I prefer being the younger woman in his life so I like it when
he once older than me!

He has really become a puzzle fanatic and I ordered this one for him,
which we all loved....rather difficult I will say.....

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fall puzzle...
I want to frame this one!

The plants are's not been too hot so far...

I am loving my little bird bath which was a gift from Nick and Cat!

These little guys have been floating around all summer....
I have loved seeing them every single day...
although we are now minus one white swan
who fell victim to Bo's bite......

We are all keeping on eye on August and our family beach vacation..
this year will be a bit different as the grandchildren will already be in school
so we will be minus two families.....oh I can already hear those ocean waves.
We will be headed down to Austin in a few weeks as we learned
Rob is going to have his wisdom teeth removed....oh no!!!
I hope this goes well as we want to have him pain free before the beach!
What's going on at your house this summer?


  1. Hi Betsy, Summer is not my favorite season either; I really like it until after the Fourth of July, then it's downhill from there. :D What a nice used cookbook you found! I'm sorry the whole family won't be able to go to the beach this year; I bet you'll still have fun though. Love the puzzles you've worked; they say it's good for our brain cells to do puzzles.

    I love the picture of Mae Mobley. We had a cat many years ago named Tucker; he died in 2000. He was a neutered tom cat, but he was a sweetheart. Anyway, he looked so much like your Mae that I think of him every time I see her. I must find a good picture of him to share with you.

    Enjoy your week, Betsy!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Hi Denise! How has your summer been so far? Yes we are all looking forward to the beach trip..we will miss the others terribly! I would love to see your photos of Tucker (this was our Golden's name by the way)...what a noble name for Tom Kitty...You must miss him so.....hope things are good for you and your beautiful family...hugs!

  2. I'm in agreement about summer as I have gotten older. Autumn will be here before we know! I adore it. Our beach week is coming up soon as well. Ummm...maybe if I spent the summer at the beach it would be more tolerable. Happy Birthday to your hubby. The puzzles look like fun--we haven't gotten one out lately. Have a cool afternoon. ♥

    1. If you are like me, I dream about the fall....always....the summer seems to have gone by quickly don't you think? I hope to hear what you love about Autumn Martha is so beautiful where you live!

  3. Our summer has been good, so far. Summer is not my favorite season, Autumn is, but we've had mildish weather until this last week and this week. Next week my girls and I will all be in California for a family wedding, and then home to start school! Can't believe how quickly summer has gone by!

    1. Deanna...your home is just beautiful in all seasons....I look forward to seeing all your fall decorations....yes, school begins for the grandchildren in August...such a short summer for them...have a lovely afternoon!

  4. your pictures are so beautiful they almost make me appreciate summer.
    but I don't. we're having temps in the 100's this week. and that's before the heat index!
    heart trouble and summer do not go together. so I have to be very careful. it's actually dangerous for me. I have to mostly just hibernate.
    I wish I could skip it altogether!
    your beach vacation sounds divine. hope your boy does well with his oral surgery.
    and Bo and Miss Mae are so darling. I love a lab that loves the water! and what one doesn't!!! ♥

    1. Oh, I dislike triple digit heat...too old to stand it anymore....THANK you for your sweet comments Tammy...hugs from me to you.

  5. My poor grands just got out of school on June 21. They return in August. I'm old out the first week in June and not back until after Labor Day. Children need time to explore their own pursuits. Your beach vacation will be lots of fun; too bad the poor grands will be back in school. Summer has never been my favorite season, but it has climbed above spring in my old age. Spring is too much like winter in the last several years. So now it's autumn, summer, spring, winter. Your kitchen work station/office is very nice!

    1. I am in total agreement days should begin after Labor's too short of time to just play! Hope you have had some enjoyment out of this summer...I know you have when the grandchildren visit. Thank you for stopping by today!

  6. Happy Birthday to your husband....he looks plenty happy with that birthday treat. I love his puzzles, very tricky . Oh your cat is adorable with her paws crossed. Hoping Rob does very well with the wisdom teeth surgery. My grandson did very well. Sending fun summer wishes for a great vacation. I still wish our school would have all of June, July and August off for summer , like when I was a kid. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you dear Susie for such sweet comments. Wonder what needed to be changed to give our children three months of summer......??? Hope you enjoy the coming weekend.

  7. It looks like you are having a lovely summer. Your pool is so pretty, with the raised planter and the nice shrubs. Have fun on your beach vacation - I hope the wisdom teeth surgery goes well! -Jenn

    1. Thank you Jenn....the flowers are beginning to look a bit leggy....heat index is rather hot these days....enjoy your weekend love!


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