June 30, 2017


Hello Loves....
what's everyone got planned for the holiday weekend?

I am going to make the most marvelous mango tea
which I'll share next week...an old southern living favorite..

Are you planning an oceanside getaway this summer?
We are currently in the planning stages
so my beach wardrobe and beauty items are coming up soon...
stay tuned for a few fun summer posts....

It can be the simple old-fashioned things
that create summer memories....
bye-bye JUNE 2017....


  1. Our sweet month of June, going. I have enjoyed this month so very much. Excited to see your recipes and your summer fashions. If only I could look as great as the lady in your picture. :):) Your boy and his dog look like running thru sprinklers is the best summer fun. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Great photos, Betsy. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. No plans...we're a fly by the seat of our pants family. Your plans sound wonderful.

  4. June has been a lovely month here in Pennsylvania. No big plans for the weekend, but the family will likely get together on the 4th! I bought my paper goods today, and my deck is ready!

  5. your posts are such a treat always!
    and I just read the post when miss M brought piper rose home.
    such an adorable little puppy... the last of the litter.
    with her shiny nose and that puppy face!
    but of course! they saved the best for the last for you!
    and she's still a love. xoxo♥

  6. Sounds wonderful! Mango tea is a favorite of mine so I'll be looking for that recipe.

    As soon as we get all of these boxes unpacked, we need to plan a family get away.


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