June 17, 2017


The Art of Getting Ready

I confess that I have always had a lipstick obsession!
If I am ever feeling like I'm in a funk.....
a new lipstick can make me perform cartwheels! 

Summer is almost here so it's time
to change it up a bit!

I think it is important to take care of your skin
and make a good attempt to look your best!
 I do love sharing reviews on brands that I invest in and love.
My summer beauty bag is all about Milani make-up.
Their products are affordable, beautifully packaged, smell lovely
have proven to be quality beauty products from my experience.

I think we all have tried numerous foundations
and I am happy to tell you, I am very pleased with this product.
I use 02 Natural.
It is not heavy, covers well, blends easily and does
not appear cakey or turn orangey as some do.
This is a lightweight oil-free foundation
in addition to being
water-resistant so it's great to wear outdoors.

I am going to include my review of
This was actually a sample given to me
and I do love it.
It only takes a tiny bit to smooth under
eyes for a light, luminous coverage.

Must Have Naturals 
This palette has a soft mix of
shimmers and mattes.
The neutral colors are flattering to a mature eye.

The colors I selected for spring and summer are
Tea Rose and Coral Cove.
The compacts are large and beautifully sculpted.
I rate the blush five stars.

I have used Instant Age Rewind for some time now.
I love this as a concealer and have found it goes on smoothly
and covers redness very well. 

Always, always put your lipstick on.....
I really love, love, love Milani lipsticks.
The colors I am loving for summer months are
Coral Addict and Blushing Beauty.

To complete the summer look...
it's Corrupted Coral for a Mani/Pedi spa day!

Now, just when I thought my beauty bag was full,
I came across this GORGEOUS bronzer....
It is the last favorite I added to my summer bag!

A good bronzer is known for the golden glow
it gives your skin, but it also adds a lovely luminosity!
To make your face look a bit thinner,
apply bronzer along you cheekbones and the side of your nose.
This is so pretty!

So, these are my favorite beauty products for summer.
I so enjoy hearing what products you have tried and loved.

As my mother always told me...
"Pretty is as Pretty does!"
Remember to be kind!


  1. Pretty Is As Pretty Does- it is a proven fact. Your selfie-goes beyond pretty.
    Thanks for your post.
    P.S. Is Ms Mae getting a Pedi-Pedi-Pedi-Pedi? Is this why we haven't seen her lately?
    Hugs and Kisses Ms Mae- From Grammy

  2. Your mother was so smart...my mother said the same thing! Love your look and wish I could wear lipstick; it just doesn't stay on no matter what I have tried. Gloss is my friend. Happy weekend, my friend, XOXO

  3. It's working for you! You look lovely. I know nothing of these products save the IT Bye Bye undereye and I concur, Maybe I need a new lipstick 💄 if that would help me feel like doing a cartwheel! 😊

  4. Sweet words to end your post. I like the Blushing Beauty lipstick color and will check in to Milani. The concealer looks interesting too.

  5. You look mah-velous!! Is Milani at Ulta or somewhere like that? I've nevr used bronzer but would love to try it. :)

    1. Hi Stacey..you can find Milani on their own website, Amazon, CVS or Walgreens.

  6. Betsy, you look so lovely in your photo. I have not used Milani products. I do use IT cosmetics and am enjoying them. Their mascara and lipsticks are lush. My Mama always said the same thing. ♥

  7. Interesting post and we are the same color palette. I have never heard of this line of products, where do you get them? I had to laugh when you mentioned what your mother use to say to you, were we sisters in another life? Mine pounded that phrase into my head and as I got older I learned that she was right. Thanks for the info.

    Carolyn/A Southerner's Notebook

  8. your picture is simply gorgeous darling bean!
    I love this post. it's so colorful and so beautifully done.

    and since you did say you'd like to know our own favorite ...
    I think it will make for an overlong comment but here goes!

    the only cream I've used for 8 years now is Boom Silk by Cindy Joseph.
    it's lovely and so simple. you might have heard of it. but in case you haven't...
    Boom Silk is for both day and night and for all of your face and neck and even under your eyes.
    it takes very little of it to transform your skin.

    it's made from 5 natural ingredients. there is nothing in it that you can't pronounce.
    it's made in hawaii by a special flower farm and very diligent bee keeper. no pesticides on the farm.
    the bees aren't in any danger ... unlike their wild counterparts which is so sad.
    only their excess honey is used and carefully harvested and is the major part of Boom Silk.
    you might think the cream is sticky. it is NOT! it literally feels like silk!

    cindy joseph was a former makeup artist to stars and super models. and the bee keeper is a long time friend of hers.
    now she's also a model herself as well as the developer of Boom Silk.
    she was 'discovered' when she was about 60 yrs old on a street in manhattan.
    since then she has modeled for all the big names in the business.
    she also had a cameo spot in the movie 'something's got to give' with diane keaton and jack nicholson as one of his former girlfriends. it's a great movie if you didn't see it!

    you can watch short videos all about Boom Silk on her website. just google cindy joseph and boom silk.
    and you will also find out about her very special philosophy called " the pro age revolution."
    she thinks we are naturally beautiful at ANY AGE! and it's so refreshing to find someone in her field who thinks like that!

    I don't even have to wear a makeup base with it. most people find they don't need to.
    I do wear a little cream blush by Revlon. that's really all you need. it gives life to your face.
    otherwise the beautiful simplicity of this cream is simply amazing.

    wow! LOLOL! you'd think I was being paid! I'm not. it's a small operation. not a huge corporation. it makes you feel good to use such a wonderful product and be supporting a small business in the bargain.
    you can read lots of reviews to see what others think of it too on her website.

    and now. excuse me. I must go out and buy myself a beautiful new lipstick!
    and then I might do a cartwheel!
    then you can send my get well soon ... sorry about your cart wheel accident to my address. XO♥

  9. I love my lipsticks and don't go out with out them. Will have to check out a couple products you have here. You look gorgeous!
    I know it's not all the makeup either. Your skin is naturally pretty.
    Thanks for the tips

  10. You look lovely! Very pretty colors on you. Thanks for sharing what you are using and liking.

  11. I like lipsticks too, but have usually worn /chewed them off within a few minutes of applying! I have a serious collection of eye shadows. That Physician's Formula bronzer is gorgeous! -Jenn

  12. Well, darling, you just look gorgeous. I guess I live in a bubble as I've not heard of this brand before. I've been using Neutragena products for years. My skin is very sensitive and this works for me. I do love my lipstick!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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