May 29, 2017


Hi everyone...
I do so hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.
These are a few everyday living moments in 
Atlanta and in Texas.

The Divine Miss M stopped in at Costco
for a rotisserie chicken and.....
well you know how a little time spent in Costco ends up.....

Just look at these delicious Strawberry- Rhubarb pies.

In fact, Luke the Duke was treated to a 
first morning of summer vacation with pie for breakfast.

The family enjoyed an evening out to dinner
and then a minor league baseball game.

Our Nick and Catherine enjoyed a date night
at an upscale Ft. Worth restaurant....
in fact, the same one he proposed at.

We planned a day of sunning by the pool
while the pit masters smoked a brisket,
but the day was hot, humid and overcast.

Bo managed to be the only one in the pool
and then enjoyed his little cabana to keep
his Daddy in good company while tending to the smoker.

We enjoyed a great few days with Rob
who had a few days off and drove up from Austin.....
he and I did a shopping trip and I sent
him home with a new crockpot and new kitchen tools..
his Mom (me) is determined to turn him into a home chef!

We had all enjoyed a weekend of cooking, eating,
shopping and a few movies, so when Sunday evening
rolled around, we decided to try an evening out to dinner.

We thoroughly enjoyed Lazy Dog....
the outdoor patio is reserved for 
people who bring along their four-legged fur babies.

Oh, how I love a Texas themed dining spot!

Great atmosphere!

Now how cool is this?

The appetizers of lettuce wraps......

A trio of hummus and fresh veggies.....

The best Chicken Tortilla Soup I have had in ages.....

The darling opted for a fresh Chicken Ceaser Salad

As we were leaving, I spied this lovely
field of sunflowers.....

which prompted this little photo shoot.....

A great ending to a lovely holiday weekend.


  1. I hope you have a good Memorial Day, Betsy!

  2. I hope the frolicking in the sunflowers didn't end with chiggers! They are soooooooooooo bad this year. Looks like fun was had by all,including the pup. Need pictures of Ms Mae,pleaseeeeeee. Give her a hug from Grammy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Betsy, Luke is a cutie...he was so lucky to have such a treat for his first day out of school. I laughed about your daughter's haul from the store. That is so true for many of us. It just looks as if you had the best weekend. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  4. Looks like ya'll had a great weekend!!
    Are your flamingos in pool the drink holder ones? I'm looking for some that size....

    1. Hi Janey..yes they are drink holders. I bought these last year and we love them. I believe I found them at Target.


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