February 5, 2017


Hey Y'all!
Has everyone had a good weekend?
Here's a bit of recap of Atlanta and Texas....
Piper Rose is helping solve a puzzle.....

Isn't it nice to have a beautiful companion by your side...
during the cocktail hour!!

Miss M had all the kiddos sit down
for Giada's Chicken Stew topped off with
The Pazookie!
Caden, Olivia, Aubrey and Luke the Duke!
The neighbor's grandfather is very, very ill
down in Naples, so this was a good way to
take their mind off a difficult time......

It turned a tad cold here in Texas
so after a day of errands and taking
an enormous amount of bags to Goodwill,
we headed over to the Volleyball Tournament!
Miss Abbs was spectacular!
(says proud Maine Grandma)

I can tell you Volleyball has changed quite a bit
since we played....

These games are action packed, exciting
and it certainly isn't for sissies!
The girls are true athletes!

After the games...
the darling and I were off to enjoy
a date night!

When we find a place that quickly becomes a favorite...
we return over and over!

A delightful evening and a perfect ending
with some fabulous Cajun seafood!

We are on our fourth puzzle...
these are addicting I tell you!

We are having a Super Bowl Party tonight...
so the cooking and preparation are soon underway!
Are y'all excited for the big game day?

"You did tell them the dogs are not invited, didn't you?"


  1. Great photos...enjoy the game. Love the new header pics. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Family time, fun times, beautiful grandchildren, a dear pet. You have a wonderful life there, Betsy! Enjoy your Superbowl party! -Jenn

  3. I was thinking the same thing as jenn...
    a wonderful life for sure.
    do you adopt little old ladies?
    and I swear that piper rose is seriously contemplating that puzzle.
    or maybe she's just deciding which piece you wouldn't miss if she ate it!

  4. Oh dear. We're rooting for opposing teams. Ha! Give me some chips and dip and I can enjoy the show one way or the other! Your grandpup has the cutest expressions.

  5. You have the best of times with your family!! And your sweet Miss Mae Mobley!!

  6. What a fun weekend you had! Sorry your team didn't win but seems like it was an amazing game.


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