January 2, 2017


Easy entertaining and so very festive!
I love this!

It was a festive New Year's Eve at son #1's house!
Game night with a few close friends
yummy appetizers!

Nick and Cat spent New Years down in Horseshoe Bay!

Rob and about twenty friends dined 
at Shops of Legacy!

The Atlanta family toasted midnight with champagne 
and a night of games!
Don't worry....it was Ginger Ale for The Duke!

After a fabulous dinner of
Barbecue Shrimp, Corn on the Cob and hot French Bread.....

The darling and I said so long to 2016 at 11:30PM!

So this brings us into a brand new year!
What shall we do with a fresh start?

I just picked up these infamous cookies and
I know we have all heard about Tate's Cookies!
Could they really be THAT GOOD?
Yes, they are delicious!
I found mine in the organic section of the grocery!
A brand new favorite!

What's for lunch?
Lean Cuisine...perfect portion size
for both of us!

I'm trying something new....
My mother was the master of all jigsaws
I promise you I am NO GOOD at solving puzzles.
I am determined!

So, I bought a few that I just loved
and we shall see how it goes.....

My plan is to add to the collection!
I thought they would be the perfect addition
to our beach condo that we are dreaming about!

Mae's update....
hmmmm...what to say?
We have decided to no longer give her
the Chinese herb supplement of Di Tan Tang.
The past two evenings she has experienced
small episodes within 7 minutes of giving her the capsule.
Darting from room to room and drooling, which
is pretty much a Petit Mal Seizure.
I was so upset....however,....
she has had good days of enjoying the birds
and warm weather.
As I said, it's our new normal....
So, we are still packing away Christmas items
and planning new projects for the new year.
I know we are both planning on being in the pool
everyday when it's warm enough...perhaps May!
I hope you share what you have in store for
YOUR 2017!


  1. Well Betsy we are planning on getting just about done with the house... Maybe a few projects left by the end of the year but we see great progress coming this year... Infact just yesterday we bought the last two doors for upstairs.. We are replacing the 1970 doors with 6 panel doors... One we had to special order as it is a small closet door in the hall and it turned out to be the most expensive.. go figure... And we bought more trim... so that is in my immediate future... Hubby is digging ditch for some plumbing with a neighbor's help... I've posted some pictures recently... i hope you'll come take a look...

    I LOVE puzzles.... Does darling like to do them with you? Hubby does not...lol Will you glue them together and hang them on the wall??? They sure do make some beautiful puzzles don't they? I love the ones you picked out... Hugs! deb

    1. You are super busy with house projects Deb! It's fascinating to see your progress! Wishing you both a happy and healthy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year, Betsy! I loved your post and look at you - I'm jealous of your gorgeous hair. Poor little Mae - prayers for her and for you. Here's to another year of blogging with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. I look forward to your lovely blog Shelia! I so enjoyed your holiday home! Best wishes for a beautiful new year ahead!

  3. My mother was such a fan of Wysocki puzzles. I think they are fun to do as well. Some serious decluttering is on the docket here at my wee haven. Saying a prayer for Miss Mae. Love that photo of you and your husband.

    1. Was she really Vee? I love this one! I am with you...decluttering! Thank you for such a kind comment! He did not want to take a photo but I told him we were documenting our old age! HA! Have a lovely week!

  4. Betsy, Looking at you and your husband , it is easy to see where your children get their good looks...both of you.:) Love the puzzles. I wish your sweet cat could be back to her old self. It sad when children and animals are sick. Wishing you all well this shiny new year. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Oh Susie..you are so, so sweet! Getting old....yes, we are still carefully monitoring Mae. So wish this had not happened. I hope you are looking forward to a brand new year! Best wishes for good health and happiness in 2017!

  5. Poor little Mae. I hope she hits a level where she doesn't have seizures any more.

    My plans for 2017 are to clean out every room in the house, get the electrician in here to upgrade our lines, and then paint every room. I think this is more like a two or even three year plan, but it's beginning today.

    I love jigsaw puzzles. Have fun with yours!

    1. Thank you for such kind words Kathy! I hope you and Joe have a wonderful and healthy 2017! Goals and plans are good for us! Big Texas hugs!

  6. the little duke is growing up before our very eyes! NO duke! too soon too soon!
    I had a chance to try something new recently and I declined. my darling nephew who is 12 tried to get me to eat what he calls "swamp food"
    Jacob: "it tastes just like chicken Tam!"
    me: it's a REPTILE Jacob. and the tail of it at that. NO THANK YOU! I don't eat alligators."

    now puzzles are possibly something new I might like to try. maybe a puzzle of an alligator. :)

    and... your new banner is so beautiful. just as your family pictures are... and beloved little Mae.

    1. Miss Tammy...you have the most marvelous sense of humor! This is too funny! THank you for such sweet comments! Wishing you health, happiness and love for 2017!

  7. My favorite is the photo of you and yours! I love a good puzzle but it's more fun if you have friends and family to work it with you! I spied a Susan Branch calendar. I am using one as a planner this year.
    We are off to our camper which is at my step son's ranch near Waco. I may make a trip to Magnolia while I'm there. I hope to visit the ranch every single month of 2017. I do so love it there. The world stops. I get off. It's a beautiful time in nature and I do love that step son of mine! He makes me laugh! I can't wait to get there! Happy 2017 to you and prayers for your little Miss Mae.....

    1. Oh Linda... I am so happy for you! I know how much you love visiting the ranch and your camper and guess what? I love it too! I enjoy being there through your posts and photos! Y'all enjoy! I know you and Summer enjoy puzzles so I am going to be brave and start one perhaps with the darling! Enjoy and big hugs!


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