December 5, 2016


The Divine Miss M is welcoming
her guests with this beautiful holiday wreath!

Her deck is draped in lights and holiday greens!

Snowy the Elf made his first appearance for the season
and lo and behold
had planned a surprise weekend trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia!

There is a Holly Jolly Christmas at Stone Mountain Park,
 where the true magic of the season is in the air

All aboard the Christmas Sing-A-Long train!

Luke thought they may be flying to The North Pole,
but was pretty excited to learn it was a shorter
ride to Stone Mountain!

Oh, the magic of the holiday season.....!!!!

Sunday turned out to be a rainy cold day
and Snow Mountain was closed.
So, they headed home a bit early,
but the weekend excursion was full of fun and laughter!

I am not going over the top this year on the mantel....
but I did want it to reflect the season...
The little children and their sweet faces...
bringing home the tree and all bundled up to play in the snow...
they bring us such pleasure just to look at them!

Celebrating the birth of the Christ Child
does indeed bring us JOY!

When I first saw this pillow....I stopped dead in my tracks!
I stood there and felt the fleece backing and knew
I just had to buy ONE MORE Christmas pillow!
I am so glad I did as I think it was the perfect
accent for my woodland throw!
This was a gift I had presented to Mother
years ago and it was always her favorite!

Keeping with the Woodland theme...
this happy little guy stands guard
on the hearth!

To say I love this little vintage ceramic tree
is an understatement!
I love it, I love it, I love it!
I may just leave it out all year long!
It reminds me of my parents.....
and having cocktails in their living room
during Christmas.......

I adore the aroma of gingerbread!
This is one of my FAVORITE Bath and Body candles
for the Christmas season!
It's so good....that your tummy will growl 
thinking you need a sweet treat with cinnamon and spice!

We had a dark, gray, cold and rainy weekend.
I love that!
So.....since I did not get ANY pumpkin pie
at Thanksgiving....I baked another one!
I cannot wait to taste all that rich dense pumpkin
laced with allspice surrounded by that
buttery flaky crust.....yum!

A big pot of spicy homemade Chicken Chili
was healing to our souls on this cold December evening.

It's just not the Christmas season
without candy canes....don't you agree?

I think my spirits are better...
it does indeed help to decorate...even just a little bit!

Thank you ALL for your kind comments, prayers
and concerns about Miss Mae!
We have had no seizures since Thursday.
However, it's like wrestling a lioness
to give her a pill....
we are blessed and today we are golden.


  1. Oh, how wonderfully festive! This is all beautiful and thank you for sharing!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thank you for visiting today Shelia! Have a lovely week!

  2. Ahhh...Christmas in the air, in the world, in the home...love it. And so glad that Miss Mae is doing well. I know what you mean about wrestling the cat to get a pill down the hatch. There has to be an easier way! I finally crushed the things and stirred them into a TBS of pumpkin. Fioré always loved pumpkin. Speaking of which, enjoy your pie!

  3. Fiore...how I love this name Vee. I have mixed her food with a little pumpkin in order to get her bathroom issues moving along. Unfortunately we cannot crush her capsule on this medication. The saving grace is that it is a small capsule. We are doing better at it. The pie is delish! I would love to share it with you! Have a great week love!

  4. Hello Dear, simple love all the Christmas decor! I love Christmas and it has such wonderful memories old and we always make new ones! I love the pillow and I need one for my couch this year! I will pick a couple up as soon as I get out again. Making fudge today as it freezes so well! So glad kitty is doing better!
    Merry Christmas all month long...
    Love, Roxy

    1. Hi Roxy! Fudge making sounds just so festive and delish! Thank you for stopping by today and get well wishes for Mae Mobley. I wish the loveliest of Christmas this year! Hugs!

  5. Such pretty Christmas decor. Love your pretty pillow!
    To make your life easier (and Mae Mobley's), I recommend getting a pill shooter (not sure the correct name of it). You put the pill in the end then place it in your kitty's mouth and then push the handle and it pops that pill right down their throat! The vet should have them. It saved us a lot of stress when my kitty was sick. Get well Mae Mobley!

    1. Yes, Cecilia...our Vet did offer us the pill popper. We are having much better success by giving her pill when she is relaxed and scruffing the back of her neck. They also offerred to find a compound pharmacy to obtain her medication in liquid form, but I have always been concerned she might not get the proper dosage in liquid. I value suggesstions. Thank you! We may end up trying the pill popper if it stresses her, but this AM, it worked quite well. I so appreciate your get well wishes for our sweet Mae. Hope you are having a ball decorating your gorgeous new kitchen!

  6. Betsy, I love the activities your daughter's family enjoyed. Your tree and all of the other decor you have shared is so pretty. I do hope Mae continues to improve so you can relax and enjoy the holidays. Take care, dear one. ♥

    1. Hi Martha Ellen...it was a cold and rainy weekend at Stone Mountain, but they had a marvelous time! Thank you so much for your sweet comments. Have a lovely evening!

  7. Betsy, when we had to give one of our cats medicine in pill form, the vet gave us these squishy edible little hollow balls. We put the pill inside and pinched it closed with our fingers and he ate it right up without even noticing there was a pill inside. I'm sorry, but I can't remember what they were called, but I have them for sale in a bag at the vet's office, larger sized for dogs and smaller for cats. We also stuck a pill inside a piece of sausage. Again, he just swallowed it without chewing it seemed. Good luck with future pills! (Your Christmas pictures just put me in the mood! I have seen many of those ceramic trees at various relative's homes over the years). -Jenn

    1. I so appreciate your advice Jenn. Mae is not very interested in "people food" but we can certainly give this the old college try. I think we are getting a bit better at it, and to think this is for the rest of her life...daily! Oy vey! I think she feels better and I am very thankful for that! Big hugs for stopping by today!

  8. So beautiful, every bit of it!


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