December 20, 2016


The Divine Miss M and family
attended a holiday party last weekend.
It was a very cold and rainy evening,
but inside, the holiday festivities were alive and well
with a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus!

She always outdoes herself with festive wrapping paper!
Who wouldn't want to receive these gifts?

even leftovers are looking and smelling good
to Miss Piper!

Jenn's sweet parents are
teaching Greg the art of
"Tamale making!"
I sure hope they bring me some....
this is their holiday tradition....

They also spent an afternoon
shopping the Antique stores!
That can be such a fun way to
shop for special treasures!

Do you have your new 2017 calender yet?
I adore Susan Branch calenders...
they can just make you SO HAPPY!!!!!

I believe the dining room
is ready to host our family!

I am loving this new little sugar village...
just lovely during the evening hours
with golden light glowing from inside
these festive little houses!

These will be a lovely collectible
to pass down to one of the children!

The Christmas Crackers arrived...
always a fun tradition
that everyone looks forward to!

I changed up the farmhouse table
have a few sale items coming that should
make this too cute!

Balsam, fir and evergreen
are my favorite scents of the season...
how about yours?

Everyone must be busy with
plans for Christmas Day....
we are blessed and thankful
for family and friends....
Good Health brings happiness!


  1. Morning! We love Tamales and it is a good thing to learn to make and they are wonderful! Enjoy your lovely Christmas! Still have a few last minute gifts to run out for today. Slippers is what we like to get when they come for Christmas eve...
    Cinnamon and evergreen and I like the vanilla and peppermint scents the most this time of year. But even an orange reminds me of Christmas when it is peeled.
    Hugs, Roxy

  2. I see Mae is relaxing and enjoying a comfy spot to look out on her world. I love your table setting. I like to smell evergreen scents too. Your daughter's gift wrapping is awesome...you would want to admire the gift for a while before unwrapping. The Clauses are beautiful, aren't they? I love the pictures of your families. Blessings, stay warm. xoxo, Susie

  3. Such lovely festivities going on in Atlanta. Betsy your dining table is dressed so pretty. I have not seen those trees before. Very pretty with the charming little houses. Yes, I have my Susan Branch calendar all ready for the New Year. Have a wonderful Christmas! Love, Martha Ellen ♥

  4. Your posts are so much fun, Betsy.

    I wanted to tell you a week or so ago about my cat. She started having seizures about a year and a half ago but they aren't what I'd call grand mal seizures She shakes, scratches, bites herself, and wails. The vet said that just as a shot in the dark we should take her off all food that has chicken in it. I searched high and low and ended up with Blue Buffalo that has turkey but no chicken. It's hard to find pet food without chicken! Anyway, we started her on that and it made a huge difference. Just as an experiment, we tried her on regular food again and the seizures came right back. I can not explain why there would be a difference between chicken and turkey but for our cat there definitely is. Just a thought for your Mae.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

    1. Oh Stacey....I am so sorry about your cat. It is still precarious with our Mae. She loves Chicken. I shall definitely try this however. Anything is worth preventing the seizures from returning. So far, so good with the chinese herb, but if this has proved successful with your kitty, then I am all for it. Thank you for this....so much! Have a lovely Christmas Stacey...hugs!

  5. Betsy, your table is so inspiring! You have such an eye for decorating. I've never had a tamale, though I've seen them being made on cooking shows. I'll bet they are wonderful. -Jenn

  6. So happy to see ms mae looking so happy! Looks to me like she's got a little bit of your Christmas spirit inside of her...what a wonderful thought!!!
    Hoping your holiday is full of family filled bundle of light and love!!! Enjoy those children. I've really learned the real meaning of spirit and love this yr!!


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