December 11, 2016


To say it's been a rough, rough week is an understatement.
Mae's taken a few steps forward and then
more steps backward.
I have lost my joy
in this current state of affairs
really did not plan to post for awhile.

I have been immersed in this new
health development of Mae
so it did a  world of good to have
a Saturday night date with the darling
and meeting Greg and Jenn over in Grapevine
for dinner and cocktails.
Grapevine was bustling on this cold December evening.
Lights and shoppers were everywhere....very festive!

Dinner was marvelous
and I now have a favorite new restaurant.
I adore Grapevine!

Life is seldom perfect is it?

On to the season........

I thought it may do someone good to 
see a few of our little Christmas houses.

These Dickens Christmas houses
were recently given to Miss M and her husband
from his parents.
This will be the first Christmas without Pat,
(Miss M's father in law)
and they certainly have become a cherished heirloom
in their Atlanta home.
I know Luke will love going into the living room
each evening and gazing at this darling holiday village.
Irma, Jay's Mom will be visiting from Ohio
during Christmas so I am sure it will be a bit
of a melancholy time for her. 

This little German stone cottage
belonged to my mother.
She loved it so and so do I. 

This little house was her favorite
was a gift from my father that he presented to her
one Christmas season.
It was always displayed at Christmas in their formal living room.

Now, this little house is new this year
I decided to add it to my little sugared houses.
I love it....and....it's lighted.

This little village will be
on our dinner table for Christmas.
There are three little houses
which are lighted and I am so in love with them.

The lighting was not too good on this photo,
but they are a lovely addition to our home. 

I have kept a journal since November 30th
when all of this began.
The Zonisamide has not been 100% effective
and it is supposed to be.
What does this indicate?
She is on the highest dosage, yet
just this morning, she experienced another
Grand Mal Seizure.
She is going to the Vet in the morning
and I know this will put her under more duress.
I don't know what the next step is.
This seems to indicate she has a
medical condition which is causing the epileptic seizures
that they have yet to identify.
Does this mean a Cat Scan or MRI?
Is this progressive, or will they know?
How did our darling go from a healthy six year old cat,
to one experiencing up to three Grand Mal Seizures daily
and have excellent blood work results?
So, it's been pretty upsetting to say the least.
Thank you for your kind thoughts of our girl....


  1. Betsy, I love the little houses. They can make children dream looking at them. I am so sorry about your beautiful Mae. Children and pets being sick and suffering is hard to stand. My daughter's dog Sam is going thru some things also...terrifying. He had a tumor and the vet did a biopsy...they do not know yet...breaks my heart for Sam and my daughter's family. Prayers for Mae and your family. xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you Susie. I am so so sorry about Sam. Our pets are tremendously loved so when something happens, it can be devastating to our hearts. I pray for a good outcome for Sam. I very much appreciate your prayers for Mae. You are a dear, dear blogging friend and I am so grateful our paths have crossed. Hugs and blessings.

  2. I am so very sorry about Miss Mae. It really is difficult when they are ill. We wish they could talk to us so we wouldn't feel completely helpless. I will pray for a calm visit to the vet and that they can find answers and a way to treat her. My boy could barely walk yesterday and it breaks my heart. He has arthritis in his hips and this weather doesn't help. He slept all day but today is better.

    It's nice that you went out to dinner! I love Grapevine too. Your decor is beautiful and I love the lighted houses, churches, etc. I think it brings a sense of peace.


    1. Oh Pat...thank you. I so hope your little darling gets better asap. I also hope you are feeling better. I must get around to commenting on your visit with Miss Linda. Wonderful! Wishing you a peaceful winter week ahead! Big hugs!

  3. Betsy,

    If anything ever happened to Jinx i would be so lost and worried.... I can just imagine how you must feel.. I hope that you find it is something curable and still have many more years with your baby.... I'll keep you and Mae in my thoughts........Hugs! deb

    1. Dear Deb....it is the Christmas season...the time of hope and joy! I know that we all have things happen...I reach out to those who are dealing with struggles and the hardships of people and pets that they love dearly...your kind thoughtful words are very dear. Wishing you a lovely Christmas season. Hugs...always!

  4. helplessness is the worst. but most especially when it's our fur baby.
    the lack of words able to be shared with them are suddenly felt more than ever.
    my prayers are for darling little mae. we will hold only GOOD thoughts.
    and for you too dearest girl. as my beloved marine says... "hold to the line!" xoxo♥

    1. Dearest Tammy...you must have been sent from above....your words offer me a great deal of comfort and positive thoughts. I value this. Your beloved Marine sounds like a darling...I will always remember this..."hold the line!" How I love that...and you also! Gentle hugs!

    2. I am so sorry to hear that things have not been figured out yet for your sweet kitty cat. Just like with our own children, you just want to make it better. I hope the vet has some answers for you and that she doesn't have to go through any more seizures.
      Your little houses are lovely. We have a village that we put up every year. It has sort of outgrown the space that we have, but it is a tradition that the kids still really look forward to. -Jenn

    3. We have decided to not take her to the Vet in the AM for observation. I want the Vet to review her seizuer journal first and talk with me via phone before giving her added stress. I so appreciate your visit today Jenn. Blessings for a lovely week ahead. Hugs!

  5. I'm so sorry you and Mae are going through this, Betsy. She is so young to have such struggles. I will keep her front and center in my prayers. I truly hope that this next visit gives you some much-needed answers. Sending a hug, Deb

    1. Deb...you know I have always described you as my angel on earth for all the babies. You are so brave and have suffered such heartbreak with your own pets. I trust your judgement. We gave Mae her first dose of a chinese herb supplement they recommnended known as Di Dan Tang. Hoping for a peaceful night and early morning. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Hugs!

  6. A sick family member, even of the furry variety, weighs heavy on the mind. I am so sorry for the distress this is causing. Saying a prayer for answers.

    1. You ave coined it well Vee...weighs heavy on the mind....and heart. Thank you! You my darling, you have had your own major grief and for even taking time for thinking of others...you have been such a blessing to me...sending love and hugs!

    2. Oh Betsy, I didn't know about sweet Mae. I am so sorry for her suffering and for the angst you are feeling right now. They will find the right medicine for her, I'm sure of it. I had a puppy who suffered from frequent seizures and it took awhile but they found the right meds for him and he was fine.
      Your love for her will get her thru this......hug her tightly and often!!!

    3. Hi Janey. Darling your plate is full right now so this message of hope and sympathy means so much to me. Thank you. It helps knowing you experienced something similar and things turned out well. I so hope your son is on the road to feeling better. Big hugs!

  7. Oh dear Betsy, I'm sending prayers for answers to sweet Mae's issues. You are wise to keep a journal to help the Vet decide the best course of treatment.
    Your villages and your daughter's are charming. I'm so glad you were able to get away for a little while and enjoy a lovely meal. Take care, dear one. ♥

    1. Your prayers for Mae will be heard Martha Ellen. I so believe in the power of prayer. I hope you are enjoying our Christmas season. Our gift.....sending love and hugs for a beautiful week ahead.

  8. Bless your heart and God Bless Mae Mobley....
    I think you are wise to save her the stress of another vet visit until it is necessary.
    I know your heart is heavy but you did the right thing in getting out for a little while.

    1. Hi Linda. THank you. Let us hope for a better week. I have been so glad to see you feeling better and out on the town shopping and visiting! Have a lovely week ahead and thank you for your special kind words.

  9. Hi Estelle. So sorry to hear the Zonisamide isn't working as well as hoped. I'm the one who had the Cairn who was treated with the same drug. I will tell you what my vet said about it...for what it's worth. He suggested we try this drug as it had less side effects then the typical ones they use for epilepsy. I think he said it was originally used as an add on to other medicines when they weren't working, but then they found it could be effective alone in some animals as the first line choice. This was told to me in regards to my dog. All this could be somewhat different in cats cause, well, they're not dogs. HA! Anyway, there are other drugs they can use to control the seizures so don't feel too bad. I certainly know the feeling of living on pins and needles with this condition. At first I couldn't relax and sleep at night cause I had to be on guard for the next seizure. Exhausting! And then in your waking hours you constantly have this gloom thing hanging over you...ultimately you're pooped AND depressed.....I know.

    I'll be keeping good thoughts that the next drug they try will be just right for Mae. Hang in there, Mom!

    1. Oh Tobe! This is exactly what it has been like. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your experience with your dog. This means the world to me that you have taken time to read and comment. We are hoping for a success. Our Vet is referring us to a special Neurologist which should give us some answers. Hour by hour....doing good today! I thank you again. Did you share your story on how your sweet Cairn terrier is doing? Hugs and blessings for a wonderful week.

  10. Oh, that is great that you are able to see a Neurologist! You will be in good hands with a specialist.

    My Yogi was 15 when he started having the seizure problem...we live in Arkansas, but got him in Dallas back in 1998. Those first few years he was a little hellion! My hair turned white almost overnight with that crazy pup. Anyway, I think I mentioned in my previous post that he did very well on the Zonisamide for two years. Really had only one unexplained seizure during that time. He passed away this past January at the ripe old age of 17. He got old and finally ran out of gas. He had a great life.

    I'm rooting for Mae. She is a beautiful cat. Praying that the Neurologist will get it all figured out and find the meds that will work.

    Take care of YOU!

    1. Thank you dear Tobe! Yogi! How darling for a tiny terrier! Wow...17...that's amazing! Again, you are such an angel for talking to me. It has given me strength. I am so thankful our paths have crossed...gentle hugs!


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