November 30, 2016


November in Atlanta offers some stunning fall color!
It's odd that New England can be about one month ahead,
weather wise, from the south!
While it may be a blanket of snow outside in Maine,
Atlanta is still romping in the leaves.......

The Divine Miss M is way ahead of me as 
far as welcoming in December.
The weekend after Thanksgiving,
they rode out to the tree farm to choose
their Christmas tree and have Luke the Duke
enjoy a visit to Santa.

This will most likely be the very last year
that he enjoys doing this.
This Santa has been THE Santa for the past five years.
Isn't he just magnificent?

I'm not in the mood.....
The fall decor is still not packed away
so here is the extent of my Christmas decorating.
Pitiful, I know.


  1. Bless your heart Betsy, love your Christmas bauble. I having been making myself get into decorating. I did pretty much finish outside yesterday. The tree is standing..naked..I will be working on it today. Hopefully once I start unpacking it will be easier to get it done. Luke is growing up....squeeze him and love on him all you can...you will miss the small boy he is at this time. Blessings for a great day, xoxo, Susie

  2. One must be in the mood. It helps to have white stuff spitting. Mercifully, the heat of the day (42°) has taken mine away. Beautiful leaves...I so enjoy seeing them! Wahhh...is Luke the youngest grandchild? Somebody tell him that he is growing up too fast. Hopefully, if all goes well, he will always love to bring in the tree. That Santa is wonderful!

  3. What beautiful photos, Betsy!

    You'll get inspired soon to decorate for Christmas!

  4. LOL- WE usually have a blanket of snow by this time of year. However, our grass is still green and we have not had a hard freeze yet. Unheard of for us. I did kick myself into gear a couple of days ago..and now it is looking like Christmas around here. xo Diana

  5. It's hard to think about decorating when all the trees continue to hold their leaves. I started decorating on Saturday and had so much fun doing the gazebo. Then I plodded along the next day and I am just keeping at it slowly but surely. I know I will enjoy sitting back and looking at it all once it's all done.
    I always enjoy the pretty photos of your pretty family!

  6. Funny, it seems a lot of us just aren't in the mood. I wonder why? I usually jump into Christmas with both feet but I'm having to make myself decorate this year. Not putting out nearly the amount of stuff I normally do. Maybe this colder weather will help.


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