November 1, 2016


As we bid farewell to a lighthearted season,
the anticipation of sweater weather.....

summons thoughts of folded wool blankets
at the foot of the bed and afternoon naps.

The happiness you feel when you find
the perfect color of velvet pumpkin 
to display in your bowl from Tiffany's.......
(a housewarming gift)

 You reserve time for an afternoon delight of
Pumpkin Spice Latte in your favorite fall mug!

 There is time for browsing through all your favorite fall catalogs
and making a wish list for the holidays.

You experience the enjoyment of Fall baking.

Tuck fresh cranberries in each roll.
Bake as directed and spread orange glaze!

Happy memories of childhood in autumn are savored over
a hot cup of spiced tea in your grandmother's tea cup.

You take a long walk in the woodlands
on a sun-filled afternoon,
feeling the winds change
as the leaves begin to fall in abundance......

You display your favorite china pieces
which were inspired by nature as
you prepare for autumn entertaining.

just enjoy a falling leaf!


  1. All nice snippets! And the rolls are lovely ♥

  2. Now see! You made November something to cherish and look forward to! What a gift. =D

  3. Sweet white cat and orange leaf; all your photos make autumn appealing.

  4. As we have just said goodbye to my favorite month, you have welcomed November so sweetly. Now let's have one of those orange rolls! I adore that plaid pumpkin--so charming. ♥

  5. Oh Oh Oh!!!!! A little story for you....when we bought our lake house back in 1996, the people who sold it, as well as built it, left every bit of everything in the house. That was the only way we could buy it because back then, with small children, we surely couldn't have afforded to furnish a second home. Well, you can only imagine the fun I had going thru every single thing left in the house. They had filled it with many old vintage things and guess what?? I found a gravy boat and platter and something else(can't remember now) in that very same pattern as your grandmothers cup and saucer!!!!! And never knew why but for some reason, I kept them. But next time I'm at the lake, I'm going to find them and get them packed up and sent to you...I knew there was always a reason I kept them!!!!!

    1. That would be so wonderful and interesting I think jmac. It would certainly help toward furnishing your vacation home. The same pattern? Really? This is such a very antique little cup and saucer, I would encourage you to use it and think of our blogging friendship! It would be so perfect for a lake house with a touch of elegance. You are too sweet! Have a lovely November....hugs!


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