October 19, 2016


Whether in an elegant parlor
a cozy breakfast nook
or a
sun-dappled garden......
books are quietly absorbed in the written word.

I chose a drama...a bit romantic and yet, a bit dark.
The author of THE STORY SISTERS,
is Alice Hoffman, who resides in Boston and also New York City.
This is the story of three sisters....they each meet their fate...
one on a country road, one in the in streets of Paris
and the last in the corridors of her own imagination.
It is the story of a family and how far love can take you.

Once a year there was a knock at the door.
Two times, then nothing.
No one else heard it...only me.
When I was old enough, I opened the door.
There stood a lady in a gray coat....holding a branch
from a Hawthorne tree. She spoke a strange language.
A big wind blew up and slammed the door shut.
When I opened it again, she was gone.....
but.....I knew what she wanted........

Last month there were several documentaries on
the murder of this sweet six year old child.
I watched them all.
I wanted to know more....
so I selected the book written by Steve Thomas,
a dedicated detective who was there
and remains dedicated to sharing what he knows and 
what the evidence reveals.
It was an extremely frustrating investigation
from this person's viewpoint.
The evidence leads in only one direction.
Most parents would go to the ends of the earth
to uncover the truth of how this horrible tragedy occurred...
the Ramsey's did not.
They already knew.

Lastly, I decided to read about
yet, another Kennedy....
this time, I wanted to know more about 
Ethel Skakel Kennedy.
My library is full of Kennedy biographies and autobiographies.
I am so glad I know much more about Ethel , her childhood, her younger self,
her education, her love for Robert Kennedy and her children.
I am so, so glad I read this book.
I can tell you, Ethel Kennedy and I would not be friends.
Her father was a self-made millionaire.
Ethel and her siblings were very, very indulged as children.
They were shuffled to various wealthy boarding schools
their entire young lives and 
 had no appreciation for education.
Most people quoted in the book were of the opinion
that Ethel was not the "brightest color in the box!"
As a child and young adult, she had no
appreciation for her wealth of material things
or for anyone else's property.
There was no love lost between the Skakel family
and the Kennedy's.
She valued being a Kennedy.
It brought power.
When she and Robert Kennedy were gifted their home,
Hickory Hill, by Joseph P, Kennedy,
it was a free for all.
Alcoholism  and addiction issues ran rampant in her family,
which were inherited by their children.
She and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
were vastly different in most every way
really did not care for each other.
She gathered friends when they served her purpose
and then discarded them freely.
Yet, another Kennedy, who seems to have a sense
of entitlement based on a name.


  1. I wish I could sit still long enough to read again. I used to read like mad when I worked. I would read on my breaks. LOL.I like the Kennedys...I always thought the Ramseys knew who did the crime....I like that first book's except. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. These three books all sound like I would enjoy reading them.

  3. Those sound like interesting books. The biography is the most interesting to me, but I think I would be so frustrated at her while reading it!

  4. I'll have to check out your recommendations, Betsy. I've read a few of Alice Hoffman's books and she's quite the tale spinner. Enjoy your reads. ♥

  5. I cannot wait to check out these books! Thanks for sharing.


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