October 14, 2016


Well, the pictures were just too pretty not to share!
While the darling and I were babysitting the eight year old munchkin,
along with a pony-size Labrador,
this fun couple was enjoying the surf and sand down Mexico way......

This is the Four Seasons Resort
in Punta Mita, Mexico!

I probably would have spent one full day in this Infinity pool.....

This is not an all inclusive resort....
save your pennies for this vacation!
The report was GOOD...food, service, very nice staff
they were well taken care of!

Nothing like the beach for the day,
along with a drink in your hand and someone
to grant your every wish!

Hey.....Red Snapper for dinner....
way to go Jay!

Oh my....who wouldn't want this view out your private balcony...
can't you just feel that ocean breeze........

Y'all are so stinkin' cute!

Just beautiful at sunset and sunrise!

Just one thing....
can I tag along next time.....


  1. Can I tag along too? It looks like a beautiful place to stay. So glad they are having a good time.

  2. That looks like a beautiful place! Your daughter is so pretty! She wears a hat well! -Jenn

  3. Amber and Mike just got home from Hawaii yesterday! We have BOTH been pulling Grandma Duty!!
    I heard them promise the quads they would take THEM to Hawaii one day! I hope they take me, too!!
    I have been several times but you can never get TOO much sand, sea and surf!

  4. Fabulous resort, great pics of a good-looking couple. Maybe they'll take you away in a winter month!


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