July 18, 2016


Last, but certainly NOT LEAST....
is the darling's birthday celebration!
We have three family birthday's in July ,
so it has been a whirlwind of dinner celebrations and 
family gatherings!

We had a day of weekend errands, swimming and
then preparing to get all dressed up and head
to Uptown in Dallas!

What an EXCITING evening it turned out to be!

There is nothing more FUN,
than getting ready for an evening out on the town
with your one and only granddaughter!
She makes my heart sing.......

Everyone looked and smelled amazing!
Time for a cocktail and lighting
the candles before we head over to Dallas!

This was all a surprise to the birthday boy!
The celebratory dinner was arranged by son #1....
he is well known for selecting some amazing new dining spots!
My advice...stick with these two....
even in when we were newbies in Boston,
he found our favorite Italian bistro!

Now THIS was a stunning restaurant!

The bar was vibrant and alive!

we were treated to THE BEST piano player...
it was the perfect setting to make us feel special!

Our waiter was DARLING....
a cute Italian from the Bronx in NYC..
who moved down to Dallas to play baseball at UT!
He was a very efficient fine dining waiter
had THE most precious NY accent!

The food!
Oh the food!
From the melt in your mouth fillet's....to the crab legs....
to the chicken ratatouille...

to the amazing sides of vegetables.....

The trio of birthday sweets?
Ten layer carrot cake, creme brulee'
a Peanut Butter Mousse drenched in chocolate ganache!
We said nitey-night at midnight!
What a perfect evening for
our Mr. Wonderful....
Happy Birthday Darling......


  1. Dear Estelle, What a joy to be born in your family.. Life is celebrated so well! I adore your love for home and family, and your cooking!
    Love, Roxy

  2. Hi Roxy! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Have you done exciting things or been anywheere on vacation? Thank you for visiting and leaving such sweet comments! Hugs!

  3. Happy HAPPY Birthday!!!! You all really know how to celebrate!! I so love seeing your posts. This is a good place to get my warm and fuzzy fixes. Thank you for that.

  4. Why thank you Linda! How very sweet of you to drop by and leave such sweet comments! Hope you are staying cool and inside this hot July week!

  5. Extend a happy birthday to your special man. What a wonderful restaurant and that food looks divine. Thanks for sharing! -Jenn

  6. A belated birthday greeting! (Hope that the celebration is ongoing.) I have found that the younger set knows best how to find the good places. For one thing, they don't get in a rut as I and my older friends tend to do. New places can be exciting!


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